Sunday, 22 April 2007

Police alert on election fraud

Over now to the Scotsman which today printed the following.

THE Holyrood election has been left wide open to fraud on a potentially massive scale after ministers scrapped checks designed to prevent abuse of postal votes.

With just 11 days to go, a Scotland on Sunday investigation has revealed concern at the highest level that key seats could be won by fraudulent postal votes, and that there are already widespread claims of vote-buying by corrupt party activists.

Despite an unprecedented 433,000 postal vote applications, our inquiry has established that:

• Computer checks on ballot signatures will be used in England, but not north of the Border;

• Date of birth checks on the same papers will happen south of the Border, but not in Scotland;

• The Electoral Reform Society in Scotland is "hugely concerned" about the scope for fraud;

• Allegations are circulating that votes are already being bought for as little as £20;

Some of you might remember in a previous article If Every Vote Counts, Count Every Vote I mentioned the delightful practice of fraud that had been one of the benefits of "enrichment" that has been brought to Our Country by would be colonists. But read on. The Scotsman goes on to report:-

Scotland on Sunday has spoken to members of the Asian community in Glasgow who claim that fraud there is rife.

Muhammad Shoaib, who left the Labour party to become an independent candidate last year, claimed there was "a deliberate campaign" to abuse the postal vote system.

And there we have it - the identity of the enricher's of democracy. Oh and the going rate for the democracy that our people have died for - well these people put this value on it.

The man said that the practice of literally buying votes was also on-going: "The cost would depend on how much the person knows how the system works. A recent immigrant from Poland might demand £20, an Indian or Pakistani £50, and a non-Asian who knows it's not allowed would ask for hundreds of pounds."

There is only one way to restore democracy to the United Kingdom. We must vote in huge numbers that will swamp even the fraudsters operations. Vote B.N.P. on May 3rd. When every vote counts, count every vote.

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last man standing said...

If anything, this will be the way that Labour keep power, they were up to their necks in fraud in last years elections, particularly aimed at the BNP. Added to importing their own voter base, they must feel almost invinsible. I have on numerous occasions wrote to the BNP asking them to publically announce their intention to keep the ballot boxes in view at all times, which is how Labour and their "one party" cohorts fiddled last years results, but how on earth do we challenge postal voting?, I'm sure this is why the method was so readily implemented by them in the first place.