Friday, 13 April 2007

Be Prepared

We have already mentioned the fact that the Muslims living in our society have no real wish for integration, but are busy building their own cultural structures running parallel to our own, in order to one day replace ours.

As these Islamic structures/organisations are completed they then dispense with the use of the host countries laws and culture and use solely their own. Completely ignoring the laws and values of Our Country.

Another example of this, is their new Scouting Movement. At a time when the British Scouting movement is in decline, they do not integrate and help existing Troops but start their own.

They use the usual "it is also open to non-muslims" but then go on to say:-

"We do have a religious ethos, for example we always prepare halal food and we end our sessions with an Islamic prayer.

"We've got 16 Muslims scout groups across the UK and we are currently working on developing another five in the north west."

The National Scouting Association is backing the growth of the Muslim scout, guide and cub movement and said to be delighted. Much as a Red Squirrel should be delighted by the arrival of the Gray Squirrel in its forest.

What would Lord Robert Baden-Powell the Father of the Scouts (shown above) have made of this, one wonders?

Well the British National Party remembers the motto of the Boy Scouts that was proudly emblazoned on their belt buckles. "Be Prepared". We are. Are you?


Celtic Morning said...

Will there also be Muslim Girl Guides ? What sort of uniform will they wear . Same as the swimming costume ,no doubt . But be assured that Islamic Boy Scouts will " Be Prepared " . Well Prepared - to take over Britain and the rest of western civilisation . No doubt they will have badges for Suicide Bombing and How to strip and clean a Kalashnikov. While our youth while away their remaining time in trivial pursuit of football , pop music , obesity food and drug use . Pray for a BNP revolution .

Helena said...

Oh yes Celtic Morning, they have females in the group all scarfed up of course.
Its the "camping" trips that caught my eye. If you see a group of Muslim youth out in the great outdours, hiding in culverts and trees, popping out of hiding places with paintball guns be very wary, call the police, (not that they'll do anything but you'll have a clear conscience that you at least tried)
As a breed Muslims dont exert themselves except in the cause of Allah, they have slaves and dhimmis by rights to provide the necessities of life.
When you see them getting "nursing" badges and learning survival skills in the counytryside and doing "reccies" in suburban areas you really should "be prepared".

Anonymous said...

Does a scouting movement exist in their countries?

Or is it a case that like the rest of the cultural insititions they import , scouting is just another parasitic form that latching onto the host culture grows off it then slowly kills it off and then repalacing it.