Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Four hundred jobs lost in Wales

Four hundred jobs are to go at a turkey slaughtering and processing plant in Abergavenny, in Monmouthshire, it has been confirmed. Ok, slaughtering turkeys is not the greatest job in the world but in that part of Wales, jobs are few and far between and so the loss of just one job as an impact on the local community. Four hundred is a disaster.

Cranberry Foods has blamed the job losses on lower demand for UK turkey meat in the face of cheaper foreign imports. And we all know the conditions those foreign birds are kept in. I will not turn your stomachs by providing the details.

The company, justifying the need for greater profits went on to say.

"The net job loss is an unfortunate consequence of the global food industry which now exists".

But what does the workers Trade Union, Amicus have to say about it all.?

"Amicus has made every effort during the consultation process to establish whether any alternative to the job losses could be found.

"Regretfully we now have to accept that we have exhausted consideration of any rescue package or alternative proposal and that no further avenues remain open."

Not much. You see, Amicus is controlled by International Marxists who believe that jobs should be moved around the world to the deprived areas which they feel needs the work most. They have no loyalty to their Nation or Countrymen. Which is why they would prefer to be fighting the B.N.P. by releasing this kind of statement:

"Amicus welcomes the European Court of Justice's decision (1) to uphold ASLEF's case to expel one of its members who belonged to the British National Party. "

then defending the jobs of the workers who pay for their union Barons big cars and houses whilst their union shrinks and their members join the list of local unemployed.

Not everything in the Communist Party Manifesto is rubbish. This quote is quite appropriate now. Remember it when you vote for the British National Party on May 3rd. B.N.P. Day.

The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.


Felicity said...

Turkey should be off the menu in Wales unless it comes from the farmer at the gate.
We aren't powerless we have our wallets to force them to do what we want. Wales should be fed on your wonderful lamb, the fruit and veg from the soil of your own land and pay the man who grew it a living wage.
Attitudes to food have to change and I'm not talking Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver.
The middle to chattering classes know this but they can afford the prices. The family on one wage looks for the cheap factory produced muck from foreign retailers, sacrificing quality for quantity. Obesity, allergies, athsma and kidney problems rarely hit those middle classes.
Is this another monstrous Left Wing trick?
Feed the masses on rubbish full of pesticides starve out the farmer who could turn health around in a year or two.
Keep those masses dependent on anti depressents and inhalers for two year olds with rotting teeth (sort out the NHS dentist while you're at it..starve him?)
Meanwhile those masses have to be convinced they have a "choice" so the ideal situation is to take home economics off the curriculum, for what parent would knowingly feed their child filth?
Feeding children wholesomely and being there when they get home from school to hear their worries and their small successes became the work of the "brain dead housewife" instead of the shapers of a nation that the job actually entails.
The BNP will have much work to do from the grassroots up, but think of the funds they will have to do it when foreign aid is slashed from the National budget?

Green Arrow said...

Hello Felicy. Another busy day on the cyberfront almost over.

Looking forward to having a week off blogging after the elections.

Felicity said...

You deserve it GA! We'll bake you a lovely big cake to celebrate!