Sunday, 1 April 2007

Teacher Beaten to death by Muslim Children

Horrific headline isn't it? Why haven't we seen it on the B.B.C news? Well lets look a bit deeper. Is it because the teacher was Black and her killers Muslim? Is it because the teacher was a Christian and the Country Nigeria?

No surely not. The B.B.C. is an impartial news reporting source - isn't it? You tell me.

The teacher, Christianah Oluwatoyin Olusase was supervising an all-girl class while they were taking an Islamic Religious Knowledge examination, a routine job by any teacher's standards the world over.

In accordance to school procedure, the homeroom teacher collected papers, books and bags before the exam papers were passed around. She left them in front of the class for pupils to retrieve later.

One of the girls responded by starting to cry and was soon telling her classmates that there had been a copy of the Quran in her bag left in front of the classroom.

The girl claimed that because Christianah was a Christian, she had desecrated the Quran by touching it.

The students began to chant in unison, "Allahu Akbar" (God is Great)". These school age girls then beat, stoned and clubbed Christiania to death where she stood.

The deed done, the girls then dragged her corpse outside of the school building and burned it.

There were no flowers or cards left at the burial site as sometimes happens in the outpouring of grief in western culture. No candle vigils were held for Christianah. In fact, it is not even known if her loved ones will be able to give her a decent burial.

There was no outrage of the teacher's horrific death in any western media, still busy these days following the life and times of the late Anna Nichole Smith.

You can read the full story and details of similar attacks on Christians here and here.

Why not ask your Vicar, Rabbi or Priest about these attacks the next time you see them? Then ask them why they signed up to this nonsense linked here.

If you do not wish to see these kind of things happening in your childs school then you must vote for the British National Party and you must do everything in your power to persuade your family and friends to do the same. This is not a game. This is your childrens future survival.


shieldwall said...

Horrific,they are worse than animals,it seems to be any excuse to kill a non believer.

Meg said...

Poor lady. R.I.P
Thanks for putting some flowrs and a candle out for her GA, but how many more of these terrible attacks are being hushed up so that Europe continues to buy the lie?
When excatly will Islamic numbers grow to an extent that the cry for war will go out among a sleepwalking population willing to do anything for peace with these people?
If it happened this morning in every mosque in Britain, would Britain be waking up with a hangover rubbing its eyes and staring down the barrel of a gun?
Wake up Britain, vote BNP!

Britlord said...

Poor lady R.I.P.

Britlord said...

Sorry for going off topic but did you know some stupid hand wringing liberal cretin has started a petition to Give the Falklands back to the Argentineans!

Our service men/women lost their lives to keep the Falklands and to protect its British inhabitants.

Anyone who signs this petition is a traitor and a disgrace to their country.

Meg said...

Britlord I honestly think that apathy, an inverted sense of justice and sheer stupidity will be the death of the West rather than Islam.
The Mohammedans saw a gap in the market, saw us fawning over stupid celebs praising the minority misfits and throwing out any sense of Right and Wrong we ever had by being obsessed with being Non Judgemental.
Every crazy idea is treated with pseudo respect by some stupid interviewer and chat show time TV couldn't survive without the incestuous under classes and DNA test to establish paternity of yet another doomed British baby.
Every misfit and oddball is offered "counselling" instead of the kick up the arse and suspension of benefits they should recieve.
Islam saw a niche and is filling it with relative ease.

The Green Arrow said...

Meg, I hate to say this but I think you are right. First however I have to exclude people like ourselves who take time out to read, learn and try to warn our countrymen.

Most of them do not give a damn about our servicemen dieing in illegal foreign wars or being taken hostage. When you mention it, they shrug and say "what can you do? Nothing". Until the enemy is at their gates they do not give a damn. Then it is. When are your lot going to do something. I despair if it wasnt for posts like yours Id give up.

Meg said...

Never give up GA, we are one atrocity away from rioting in the streets.
Hegira will be very attractive, not just to Muslims but their protectors too.
I'm a Nationalist through and through, (loving ones land and people does not a racist make)

The soft years have done just that, softened the population but there is still a fighting spirit there despite the best attempts of the Left.
They attempted to feminise boys by taking away competitive sports and disaproving of "dangerous play".

Many people just dont feel threatened yet because they've spent their lives in the cosy net of Social security benefits, just the way the Left likes it.

I dread the next attack like 7/7 for a variety of reasons, not just the carnage and loss of innocent life, but Britain will awake with a terible fury at the lies betrayal and treason of this government and the hangers on in the Lib Dems and Tories.

Its entirely possible that the BNP will still be too "out there" for many people ome the elections, I hope not, but when their prophesy comes to pass it will take all Griffins leadership skills to hold the country in check.