Monday, 30 April 2007

Are they under every stone?

It seems that Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan cricket coach was poisoned before being strangled. Bob Woolmer was a big man and it seems that his killers wanted him incapacitated before they done their dirty work. A cowardly act, carried out by cowards.

Now it seems on lifting up this stone, we find our old enemy of evil. Islam. It seems that Mr Woolmer objected to strict Moslem players who seemed "more interested in praying not playing" at the World Cup in Jamiaca.

By all accounts several senior members of the squad had become fanatical believers of the extreme (even for them) Muslim movement called Tablighi Jamaat.

According to the French Tablighi expert Marc Gaborieau, its ultimate objective is nothing short of a "planned conquest of the world" in the spirit of jihad.

Mr Mir, the teams former media manager claimed: "Bob had his reservations that the boys, rather than focusing on the religious aspect they ought to be focusing more on cricket.

"He wasn't particularly pleased when players were going out to say their prayers in the middle of the game... and a substitute was coming in. This continued. He was totally against it."

I remember seeing the Pakistan Team after the announcement of Mr Woolmers death. Some of them could be seen smiling in the background. When these guys, whose minds have been destroyed by the crazy cult of the dead paedophile hate, they really hate.
If they catch them, will their defence be - "It was an honour killing"?

You can read the rest of the story here. The image shows angry demonstrators calling for the death of Bob Woolmer after Pakistan's defeat by Australia.

Update. It now transpires Islamic fundamentalists in Pakistan have issued a fatwa against Mr Mir for airing his views against some players over their offering prayers in the middle of a match.

Vote for the British National Party on May 3rd. This evil must not be allowed to spread in Our Country.


Anonymous said...

Some things are just plain "wrong" remember the old fashioned sense of "right" and "wrong". Now to ever more "non judgemental" Children like Victoria Climbie die of torture because "africans have different views on child discipline than us".
The most backward evil cult is feted as a Religion of Peace by even our own weak churches, who long ago abandoned any true sense of "right and Wrong" in an effort to catch up with the Loony Left.

Until this weird collection of Lefties and the psychopaths they protect and nurture is chucked completely out of power this situation gets ever worse.

English Rose said...

Makes you wonder doesn't it, these days Muslims think they have a free pass to almost everything including murder.

Anyway just wanted to say I have change the banner on my site can you see if you can get in.

What I don't understand is, how comes everything run smoothly on my last site?
Take care xx

celtic morning said...

Bob Woolmer is said to have been drugged , strangled and smothered . Just the tacticts used so often by the Thuggee sect which claimed MILLIONS of victims in India before being itself liquidated when " a few English officers acting under the orders of the supreme administrative authorities , purged India of this great pollution " at the time of the Raj . Makes one wonder if any cricketers out in the World Cup competition had any distant relatives involved in this ancient sect . At that time Pakistan had not been created and was still part of India and the Thugee sect killed indiscriminately and efficiently making travel in that country particularly dangerous . Strangulation was quickly and efficiently carried out and the sect flourished for centuries before the British put paid to it "those were the days when British rule in the east was synonomous with courage , strength and justice " . Lets hope the investigators of Woolmers death show courage and strength in their search for justice .We know of course that life is held cheaply in many of the eastern countries . The quotes are from the book " Thug , or a million murders " available from Excalibur on the BNP website .