Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Is this what you wanted Trevor?

You might remember that yesterday, the Green Arrow posted about that ungrateful leech, Trevor Phillips. Trevor is the chairman of the Commission for Equality & Human Rights, a front organisation for the destruction of white culture and as such draws a huge salary with expenses from the public purse. Our purse.

You might also remember that he uses the same terminology as the late unlamented Nazis in referring to the white members and supporters of the British National Party and said they should be treated as "less than human". And judging by the comments in The Herald, the site where the story broke, he has upset large numbers of people.

It also appears however, that he has given the go ahead for the enemies of free speech to treat the BNP as less than human. Especially female members.

You can read the full report from the front line at the B.N.P. site here but the following is the statement from one of our freedom fighters.

I was out leafleting Frome Vale ward with three other activists when I and another female member took a turning into a cul-de-sac.

The door of the first house I delivered to was open, so I let the leaflet fall to the doormat. I'd gone about 3 doors up when I heard someone shout at me. I turned to see a black woman tearing up the election address. I ignored this and carried on up the right hand side of the cul-de-sac. As I reached the end of the cul-de-sac, a car screeched up behind me and a white woman in the passenger side wound down the window to ask for a leaflet. As I gave it to her I noticed that the driver was a black woman. They hurled abuse at me and called me a ”fucking white bitch”. My colleague heard this. As I turned to accompany her back down the other side of the road, I saw about 12 black kids and teenagers walking up to us, and about 20 others blocking the exit to the main road. I called one of my colleagues and asked him to bring the car to our location as I could see the contingent waiting for me. The black kids were harassing me asking for leaflets. I refused to give them any and said they were election addresses and they were too young to vote.

By the time I reached the exit my colleague had arrived with the car.

A white woman approached me and accused me of pushing her (black) friend. I said I hadn't pushed anyone. She then said "You did this", and slammed into my shoulder with her body. She also said "You called her a nigger. I heard you. I work at Trinity Road police station and I'm ringing them now”. This was a blatant "playing the race card" tactic so I decided to report it to the police first.

My colleague bundled me into the car and as we drove away, the kids kicked a football into the car.

We drove to Staple Hill police station where I was told that they had no one to take a statement from me and they advised me to go to Trinity Road. On arriving at Trinity Road, I was told that they also had no one to take a statement from me. They took my details and said “someone would contact me sometime”. I've heard nothing so far! I bet that if I'd been black they'd have found an officer to take a statement.

One wonders if Mr Phillips will be receiving an early wake up call from Mr Plod and being charged with incitement to racial hatred. He knows that the British National Party is made up of only white people and therefore it was a deliberate racist statement from this black Nazi.

We salute the activists of Bristol and the courage of their ladies.

If you want the police to start upholding the law and protecting the white British people then your choice is simple. Vote for the B.N.P. on May 3rd - B.N.P. Day.


Daniel said...

One of friends on EbonyFriends said to me that he remember the Green Arrow. and what you said is true , we will support you.

Bob said...

The good folk of St Albans must have heard about this. They just elected a candidate from the National Front!
Way to go Trev Phillips you may prefer the BNP yet.

The Green Arrow said...

Bob, Enemy report.

What, Where, When

Could we have more information please I cannot find anything for the trees.


shieldwall said...

Well done to the people out spreading the word,it is hard work at the best of times without having to put up with intimidation as well.Good luck to all and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Go to the covert site. They have the exlusive report. Its Markyate St Albans a guy called Simon Deacon

Felicity said...

There you go GA!

Helena said...

A dreadful attack on a lady Nationalist and one sadly we will see more of as the Reds become frustrated with the masses for just not seeing whats good for them.
They've tried the dirty tricks bare faced lies and using the police to do their agent provocateur with decent people now its violence and intimidation.
All the best to Michaela and well done for conducting yourself with dignity among these low lifes.
We will prevail.