Monday, 16 April 2007

Trevor Phillips - "less than human".

For someone who is paid huge sums of taxpayers money for whipping up racial hatred as chairman of the Commission for Equality & Human Rights, you would expect Trevor Phillips to have a grasp of his adopted countries language.

He should realise that using terms such as "less than human" is something frowned upon by a nation that fought a war against another man with similar ideas and were someone to use this phrase to describe Mr Phillips, you can rest assured that there would be the sound of smashing doors as the Gestapo announced their arrival.

But that is how this overpaid parasite describes members and supporters of the British National Party.

You can read the details here and you may also leave a comment on the site. See you there. For more in depth comments go visit Mr Smith's Refusal.

Vote for the British National Party in May and show our guest just what you think of his Nazi opinions of the True Brits.


Aberdeen Group Organiser said...

well done Green I also left another comment for our conservative friend

Bob said...

I'm speechless for once! How can he get away with that?
I see someone has commented on the "Asylum mum and baby sex attack" which is being linked to BNP success in Glasgow and has voiced what many are thinking.
It happened "allegedly" on the 3rd.
It was reported on the 11th, just two days before the BNP's first Scottish PPB.
No one from the community has come forward appealing for info, just the cop handling "the case"
Very general description of four "white racists"
Nothing from the police by way of appeals or further info since.

Remember the "Sikh teen has hair cut in brutal race attack in Edinburgh"? It was headlines for two days.
After all the demos etc it was a hoax, the kid made it up, abetted by the Anti Fash industry.
This looks like the dirty tricks brigade at it again.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same bastard who said that all BNP members should be denied communion? Horrible little excuse for a man.

British National Party member said...


dennis D said...

Done GA. Great site, came highly recommended.

jamal said...

Great news. Its official now!

Bob said...

Come on Jamal how can a hand lopping gay bashing cult member accuse anyone of being less than human?
We have our faults but no one here smiled when your countrymen started self exploding or secretly wished for more of the same?
You're living in Luxury in the land of the Kaffir and STILL we cant teach you anything about humanity, you are seriously backward dudes!

Anonymous said...