Saturday, 7 April 2007

Anti-BNP smear campaign condemned by Trade Union

"A disgrace This is misusing money which would be far better spent to protect jobs from threats like privitization, off-shoring and mass migrant labour. Meddling in party politics at local level to give help New Labour is wrong. Blair and Co. are no friends of working people or of the Unions."

This is the reaction of Patrick Harrington, General Secretary of the independent Trade Union Solidarity to news that some union backers of Tony Blair are bank-rolling a desperate campaign to stem the rising tide of support for the practical, commonsense policies of the British National Party.

A telephone pestering campaign is planned to pressure locals not to vote for the BNP. The callers use a script full of lies. Our advice is to firmly tell them that you are busy and that the ballot is secret for a reason. Don't give out your personal details to these nuisance callers.

For information on one Union that is still proud to stand up for the interests of the British worker and maintain the proud tradition of fighting for your rights log onto

As pointed out by Felicity. If you have a call from a telephone canvaser then keep them talking for as long as possible. Even though you will have to listen to them spout a load of lies and nonsense, just think of the money it is costing them to waste your time and their breath and how you are keeping them from talking to a possible swing voter.


Highest Infidelity said...

Oh yeah these last-minute phone bank barrages are terrible. What they do here in the US is call you with a "push-poll" at the last minute. They ask a question like "Would you vote for Candidate X if you knew that Candidate X had been indicted for embezzlement?" or something like that. They are not saying that Candidate X has been indicted they are just leaving you with that inference. They do it in the last few days before the election so Candidate X doesn't know what's going on or have a chance to respond until it's too late. After hearing that people either vote for the other guy or just don't vote in that race. It's an old trick.

Tell your people to watch for that and don't let 'em get to you!

Happy Easter!

Felicity said...

Oh I intend to enjoy it, I dont get out much (small kids)
I shall don a dressing ground make a flask of coffee and surround myself with chocolate then await my phone call.
I can talk for ages on the phone, I shall go through the whole gamut of emotions, polite interest, incredulity, shock, fear and then ask loads of stupid questions. The call to my house will be a expensive...and totally wasted one.

The Green Arrow said...

Your right Felicity.

Anyone receiving a call should keep the telephone canvaser online for as long as possible. Whilst talking to you, they cannot be talking to a swing voter.

I shall post this.