Saturday, 7 April 2007

Easter Greetings & Message of Support to The British National Party - Wales

Lionheart - A real Christian Crusader as asked me to post the following. I do so with pleasure.

I first saw the list of candidates for the 'British National Parties' defence of Wales on 'The Home of
The Green Arrow's' blog.

Knowing the situation we all face with the invading army of Moslems who are encamped upon Our shores conducting Jihad or as it is more commonly known in the English language -
'Civil War' - it was very refreshing to see a Voice for the people within the political landscape who are embracing their Christian heritage, culture and identity ready for the ultimate protection of what all the indigenous inhabitants and peaceful friends living in Wales hold dear, which is peace, freedom, democracy, and the heritage, culture and history of the indigenous people which is theirs to protect for the sake of their ancient and modern ancestors who handed it down to them to protect and for the future generations that are to come.

A New chapter with new challenges is upon the History of Wales as it is upon every Nation on Earth, and it is one that I am sure Our Welsh brothers and sisters living there and around the World will rise too and win. The Beast in the embodiment of Islam is lurking within your midst within Wales and its Moslem servents are conducting Jihad to enforce their will upon 'you' the Welsh people.

Only with the right Godly leadership will the people of Wales win this battle that must be won for the sake of the future.

Any Welsh person new to the threat of Islam or contemplating voting for the British National Party must scan the
BNP site for the stance they have on Islam because this is the ultimate threat above all others that 'We' in this generation and Our children in the next are facing. All other major political parties are appeasing the Moslem community when they should be clamping down on them for the safety of the United Kingdoms way of life and the protection of the British people but very little is being done and the Islamic Kingdom is growing, already past the point of no return.

To see such a strong "message" coming from the announcement on Green Arrow's site of the candidates, the plan of action and the significance of the day announced has prompted me to Wish all of them Well this Easter holiday, for the upcoming elections in May and Pray that God will use them to defend and fortify Wales and say 'We dont know how bad things are going to get but please do not forget about the Heart of the United Kigdom - England - if things do become that bad.

Wales is famously known around the World within the modern Christian Church because of an amazing move of God upon the Welsh people and landscape called
'The Welsh Revival' . It was birthed there through a man of God named Evan Roberts and went out from Wales and touched the whole World and stirred the Church to go deeper into the things of God. Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival is still a focal point and a point of reference upon Church History and the Christian world today. Christians cry out around the World for another move of God similar to what happened in Wales during the Welsh Revival.

There is a special place in God's Heart towards Wales, the land is Holy
sacred land and He will never let that soil be polluted with the darkness of Hell in the embodiment of Islam and is raising up a people to defend it.

I Believe and Pray that it is the leadership of The British National Party who He has given the mandate too, we can then be assured when we look towards Wales that it is fortified and secure for the coming dark days that lay ahead.

I prayed to God this morning and asked Him for something from the Bible to encourage you with a Biblical foundation and during my email correspondence with my friend at Born A Templar Knight this morning he wrote this to me:- "Here is a fitting bible quote for you that I just read this morning". Isa 54:17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

"You have embraced the Christian mantle of Saint David so you have accepted God upon your work. I pray that the Word God has given will encourage you, strengthen you, build you and help raise your level of Faith to believe that God can do it with you and through you. I pray that those candidates who are Christian will grow in faith and that those who are not yet, that God will continue to question you until you get as far as you are meant to go on your journey in life. I pray that God will open the eyes of the blind ill informed masses in Wales to see the truth of the threat they face".

I hope the best for the elections in May and look forward to watching God raise you up.

In His Service,



shieldwall said...

Stirring stuff,lets hope Wales makes the correct decision.

Felicity said...

The BNP message is getting out to the ordinary people thanks to the tireless work of grass roots members working night and day.

The media are up to their old tricks of course, refusing to report success, smearing these good people as "extremeists" but like the avalanche started by the single cry Wales will not lie down and be conquered.

The Left have spent generations pretending to be the voice of the people while welcoming foreign power into the Lands of Britain.

With the greatest respect to the USA and Australia/NZ, Britain is not a mongrel land of immigrants with no people having claim to it, WE do!

My daughter (12) told me the other day entirely unprompted that we "had won the lottery of life" simply by being born indigenous Brits.

We have, and if there is a benevolent God of Abraham and Isaac we have been truly blessed, but also charged with defending its beauty peace and Christian way of life.

Take care Lionheart!

Celtic Morning said...

Please , as a responsible political party dont let us get embroiled in all the religious nonsense which came out of the middle east . We ridicule Islam , the flight of Mohammed on his winged horse up to heaven etc but just as ridiculous are the bible tales of Noahs Ark ( which shipyard constructed this Titanic of old ? ) and a saviour risen from the dead , a virgin birth ( come on now , what was Mary really up to and was Joseph a wimp ,falling for an excuse like that ?) Walking on water ? Feeding the multitude . All these ridiculous tales came out of the middle east thousands of years ago . We see how bloody stupid these people are today - what must they have been like then ? We must concentrate on building a modern Britain with decency and integrity bred into our young men and women . Let pride in right and shame in wrong make a come back . My old father always used to say that if everyone lived according to the teachings of that man Jesus Christ the world would be a far better place . He was right , but wether that man Jesus was really what his church claim him to be is an entirely different matter . Was it Karl Marx who described religion as the opium of the masses ? If so , it proves that there is some goodness even in a murdering idiot like him . Forget religion , all religion , it only causes pain and anguish . Let the BNP concentrate on a modern , workable policy to save us from Muslim extremists - and all other religious extremists . Blair is a religious nut - and look where that has got us .

The Green Arrow said...

Well Celtic for some people true religion is a comfort and a way of life. I think there is a big difference between Christianity and Islam. Academics would describe Christianity as a true Religion and Islam more of a cult.

Of course there are things in the bible that we question today, especially the old testament but that does not mean that it is all wrong.

Plus there are different interpretations you can put on events. Some see the "resurrection" in the birth of a new baby or even the dawn of a day.

At least modern Christianity in not advocating the domination of the world. However I hope that it does react to the threat of Islam.

Eat the bits on this blog you like and leave the rest on the side of the plate.

Good Luck

celtic morning said...

Green Arrow , Of course religion is a personal matter and if people find comfort in it , as many people undoubtedly do , then thats ok by me . But please dont let our party become bound up in religious gobbkledegook . Personally , whenever I hear a politician start to spout about his God , I cringe and question the mans grip on reality . Whats " up there " ? Outer space . Our Islamic enemies believe that all have to cross a great bridge to enter paradise and even those condemned to eternal damnation are among this happy throng . Unfortunately for them , half way across they are hurled over the side into the abyss !! Ridiculous of course ,but is this any more fanciful than the resurection or the Catholic concept of pergatory where souls wait in no mans land , even still born infants ? People knew no better in those days of long ago but lets keep in touch with reality , let those who believe , believe but keep it out of politics please . Incidentally , I come from a Christian family who allowed me to make my own mind up and I love hymns , particularly a strong Welsh congregation in full voice or the precision of a Cathedral Choir and marvel at the music of Handel , Mozart and the many others who were inspired by their faith to create great music . You are certainly right when you compare Christianity with Islam . The former is benign and merciful . The latter is cancerous and merciless and should have no part in British life . Great site , keep up the good work and spread the word - though not the word of the Lord !! Celtic Morning .

The Green Arrow said...

Good day Celtic Morning.

Thanks for your comments. I think as you go through life you question many things and at each stage you think you have "solved" the bits you are concerned with. Then some event will happen to make you look again.

I respect your views and admire your logic - its just some of us need a little more.

Good Luck and hit the blogs and forums and fight the good fight.

LionHeart said...


Lets hope that you are not in leadership within the BNP.

Your Welsh leadership candidates are the ones who released their names on St Davids day so why do you not criticise these for bringing God and Christianity into your political party.

Your party have evolved into an acceptable party within Britain because they have accepted a Christian influence and i wish the best for them and for Wales in the future.

God bless you Green Arrow and keep up the good fight...