Friday, 27 April 2007

A letter sent in Newport South Wales

I read the following posted by JohnOfGwent over on the UK Debate site and thought it worth publishing in full because some of the issues mentioned apply to people all over the U.K. Being an early bird I private messaged the guy who I saw was on-line and he gave me permission to post it in full.

I am emailing this to every one of the people who have said they're standing for election in one form or another next Thursday

It will be interesting to see if any of them reply ...

Good morning

As the election day draws near, and as you've seen fit to send numerous letters to me requesting my support, I thought it only fair to ask you for your opinions on a few matters:-

However, As MY daughter will be working abroad outside the EEC when SHE starts her working life, because there are no vacancies for her here, she won't have to repay her student loan at all. So I have a different set of priorities....

1. As I walk through the streets of Newport, Monmouthshire, I can't help noticing that all the official posters, signs, letters, and everything else to do with administering and taxing the sorry shambles that passes for this country nowadays has everything written FIRST in welsh, and often in a large font, and SECOND in english, and often in a smaller
font. What do you think about that ?

2. Anything 'official' coming through my door now comes printed and inserted in a way that the WELSH is the language that stares you in the face, and the ENGLISH is tucked away beside it. Or the WELSH is written where the non-arab races start reading their letters, at the left, and the ENGLISH is in the other half of the page. What do you think about
that ?

3. As a small businessman I am hearing noises that there is a campaign afoot to FORCE me to provide a means to conduct my business through the medium of welsh. I say it's my business what language I conduct my business in and if some people can't understand a word I say that's not my problem. What do you think about that ?

4. Did you know that planning applications in certain parts of wales have been turned down on the basis that to grant the application would present an unwarranted intrusion of english-speaking people ?

5. Did you know that there is at least one large organisations in what used to be the public sector whose language policy is that any welsh speaker complaining about being sent a document with english on it is immediately sent a welsh-only document, bereft of english, but any english speaker making the complaint about receiving documents in welsh
receives a letter, sent to them welsh-outwards and english on the reverse, stating it is government policy that they must send their communications in both languages.

And now for a few more local matters

6. Did you know that if you take a car down to the tip today there's a notice on the siter demanding that you be polite to the staff ?

7. Did you know that if you take something to the site that you cannot personally lift above your head in order to put in the skip, that one of the people paid from your council tax to man the site will shout and swear at you for not doing so.

8. Did you know that if you telephone to complain at the actions of those people you will be told that the staff there are told they must not assist you on the grounds of health and safety, and that in any case they are too busy directing the 300 cars that now turn up evewry day because rubbish is now only collected every fortnight ?

9. Do you know how much extra co2 is being pumped into the atmosphere by 300 cars making an average 10 mile trip to the tip instead of having one refuse lorry do it ?

10. Do you know how much we could save by sacking all the arrogant, rude, staff currently working at the tip and replace them with polish migrants ?

And now for another issue ?

11. Do you know when it was last possible to drive a car from junction 24 or 28 of the M4 into the centre of Newport in daylight without hitting a delay caused by a roadwork scheme ?

12 Do you know how much money traders have lost because people are going to other places where their money is welcomed ?

13 Do you know how many businesses are looking outside Newport to set up business premises because of the ongoing hostility to vehicle traffic ?

And whilst on the environment...

14 Would you please explain why we have to bear the cost of allowing your party to occupy the moral high ground when across the atlantic the smallest vehicle on the roads consumes more petrol per mile than our BIGGEST gas guzzler and the bloke in charge there laughs at us ?

And finally ...

At the last general election, there was widespread complaint from politicians on all sides that there was a complete lack of interest from the younger send of the electorate. At that election, my eldest daughter got a polling card for the first time. Now when I was in that position, Ian Grist the (tory) sitting MP for what is now Cardiff North, my constituency, wrote to every 17 year old, organised a coach trip to london, took us round westminster hall, walked us into the chamber of the house of commons (yes, honestly - it was in recess for the holidays and we walked in with him and looked at the green leather seats .....) and took us to the balcony outside where disraeli and gladstone (who were then on the GCSE O Level History syllabus) argued about the state of pollution in the river.

Can you explain why NO-ONE has bothered to do ANYTHING to give my daughter any belief, no matter how false in the current political and electoral system, that her vote, and her opinions matter to the way the country is run ? Because I believe that in a land where cottage burners are getting the upper hand, in a land where the only people the government bend over backwards for are those who claim to have put down the armalite rifle, the only message being sent out is that the way to be taken notice of is to PICK UP an armalite rifle and start using it, so that in twenty years time those of you who survive WILL be listened to. And that gives me what some might call a rather unique view on the unorthodox way chapati flour was being used in what is now the country across the river Severn a few months back. And that makes me worried. What do you think about that ?

A person hoping to get his postal vote in time to use it (but it hasn't arrived yet so I guess the labour wreckers have done their job again)

Well I could certainly identify with much that was said in the letter. I could also corroborate much of it, having worked for many government bodies and large companies in the South Wales area and could certainly tell you a few stories about their attitude to the Welsh Language.

Now one of my favourite quotes is one made about Robert E. Lee, a fine honourable man doing the best he could for his nation. Right or Wrong. A debate for another time. But the quote was:-

He will take more desperate chances, and take them quicker than any other general in this country, North or South; and you will live to see it, too.

and I guess I have the same attitude. emails rapidly exchanged and mobile number given. Result a small victory for the B.N.P. and the promise of three votes.

Although to some extent I was preaching to the choir, the gentleman concerned was an Anonymous poster who had visited the Green Arrow from the forum links and was a regular visitor to the B.N.P. news site. So we were halfway there.

As a matter of interest I had read several of JohnOfGwent previous posts and thought him the kind of man who would make an excellent Councillor or M.P. in the future if only he could see the light but after our conversation, I realise why he is unable to openly join the B.N.P.

It is a sad state of affairs when the subjects of Great Britain cannot openly declare their support to a Political Party without being in fear of their jobs. Newport, of course was home of the Chartist riots where people who would today be in the BNP fought then for our freedom now.

So today I am invigorated and full of hope for the future. When men such as JohnOfGwent start to support us in numbers we cannot fail to win in the end.

Vote British National Party on May 3rd and stand side by side with your countrymen in this fight for a place for our children to live in as free men and women.


fido said...

Good bit on the state of Newport, place is a bloody mess thanks to inept local politicos.

Gonna do a post and refer people over to the original here.

Anonymous said...

You'd be surprised Green Arrow at the professions some our supporters belong to.

Dave said...

Is this a democracy where you cannot openly declare your beliefs?
Where Mugabes thugs openly terrorize and murder opponents. Labour uses quasi terrorist organisations such as
the UAF Searchlight and a myriad of front organisations to do it's dirty work for it. In this way it tries to keep it's respectable face clean and hope if it slings enough mud at the BNP it will stick. Sorry Labour we have seen through you. Labour the Tories and the LD's et al are merely one of the many heads of the Hydra which the BNP will slay. Vote BNP and kill the modern day dragon.

Anonymous said...

As a long time BNP member and supporter, I too am in a position of non disclosure of my affiliation, however I see the day fast approaching where we may be able to hold the un-democratic employers to account. With reference to John of Gwent's letter, I agree with much of what he says, however as a Welshman I must point out to him that in Wales it is quite normal to speak Welsh, and perhaps to expect forms etc to be written in Welsh too?. I am proud of my heritage, and hold no dislike of the English, but it became quite obvious by some of his remarks that he feels English comes second in wales...but wouldnt you expect that in any other country John?, would you not think it unusual if you went to India and found English to be the prefered language on their leaflets and forms?. Please show us Welsh the same respect as you would if you went to live in France or Spain, but then judging by the ammount of expats I have come accross in both these countries who escape Britain because of the immigrant problem, but who then wont integrate with their new hosts, I wont hold my breath. Remember, there are many patriotic Welshmen who arent naive followers of Plaid Islam, and your attitude alienates us. United we stand, divided we fall...our enemies are far greater than this.