Tuesday, 10 April 2007

UAF cheer up bored blogger

The London UAF Demonstration - the real reason the pigeons left

Being a little bit bored, I thought I would wander over the UAF site and see what they were saying. They are usually good for a laugh.

Well I suppose it depends on what you find funny, so I will just take a couple of cut n pastes to give you an idea of why the British Voters are flocking to the British National Party.

Now why the UAF/Respect members think this:-

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and the Trades Union Congress (TUC), the umbrella organization of British trade unions, will hold the event this Thursday.

The two groups will discuss not only job prospects for Muslims but how to combat the effects of Islamophobia and far right-wing activity in parts of the UK, they said.

will inspire any true Brit to vote Labour I have no idea. If anything it is a clear sign that True Brits should leave their current traitorous unions and join Solidarity.

Then in an amazing display of support for free speech and democracy they call for the following:

“It’s a disgrace that the fascist BNP will be given free TV broadcasts to spread their dangerous message of race hate and division,” said Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of Unite.

“We call on postal workers not to deliver the BNP’s literature and on BBC employees to pull the plugs on the BNP’s broadcasts.”

They then finish off with a little bit of gloating on the disgusting Human rights Court judgment allowing trade unions to expel BNP members. Oh well just as well the B.N.P. members have Solidarity.

However I did sit up when I saw that they have recruited two top B.N.P. slayers to take us down. Yep. Rhys Ifans and Iain Banks. I know frightening isn't it. Well it might be if we knew who they were.

One thing I could not quite figure out. They kept on about these huge events where they say:-

The BNP could not believe so many people had come out.

But I just could not find any images to support their claim. All I can assume, is that the Daily Mirror hacks had forgotten their Brownie Box Cameras. The image was taken at the Grand Finally of the Hope not Hate tour in Trafalgar square. The people on the right of the image are in fact tourists looking for Leicester Square.

"The attempt to make heaven on earth invariably produces hell."


Anonymous said...

The TUC - what a set of traitors to the true interests of the working class !

Islam smashes trade unions and tortures and murders trade unionists. Take a look at http://www.labournet.net/world/0602/iran6.html


TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber is the ultimate dhimmified useful idiot for these dark age slave-owning mullahs. The Tolpuddle Martyrs must be rotating in their graves

Anonymous said...


Biographical details
Brendan Barber
TUC General Secretary
Brendan Barber was born on 3 April 1951 in Southport, Lancashire. He was educated at St Mary's College, a grammar school in Crosby and spent a 'gap year' with Voluntary Service Overseas teaching in the Volta Region of Ghana before going on to the City University in London where he gained a BA Hons in social sciences.
After graduating, Brendan took a sabbatical year as President of the City University Students Union where, among other things, he was involved in negotiations with the Greater London Council to acquire cheap housing for students near the university campus.
His first job, after university, in 1974, was as a researcher for the Ceramics, Glass and Mineral Products Industry Training Board, based in Harrow. A year later, in 1975, he joined the TUC as a policy officer dealing with training issues and in 1976 was promoted to the post of assistant secretary in the Organisation and Industrial Relations Department.
In April 1979, shortly before the general election that saw the defeat of the Labour Government, he became head of the TUC Press and Information Department. Over the next eight years Brendan dealt with the TUC media relations at a time when union stories often dominated the news agenda, from the Stockport Messenger dispute of 1982, to the Miners Strike of 1984-85 and the Wapping Dispute. He was also closely involved in international stories relating to the TUC's dealings with unions in places from Poland and the rise of Solidarity, to South Africa where the trade unions played a prominent part in the overthrow of apartheid.
In 1987 he returned to the Organisation and Industrial Relations Department as head of department. Here his responsibilities included dealing with inter-union relations, employment law and training policy. In 1993, following John Monks election as general secretary, Brendan became deputy general secretary.
Brendan became General Secretary in June 2003. He was a driving force in the United Against Racism campaign. He has also played a prominent role in the establishment of the TUC Organising Academy - training organisers to help unions boost membership, and the Partnership Institute, whose aim is to promote partnership style relations between employers and unions.
Recently he has helped establish new negotiating machinery in the university sector and worked hard to build better relations between all the unions in the schools sector. He has worked closely with John Monks in the area of government relations.
Brendan Barber is a Non-Executive Director of the Court of the Bank of England. He was a member of the ACAS Council from 1995 until May 2004. He was also a member of Sport England from 1999 until 2003.
He lives in Muswell Hill, north London with his wife Mary, whom he met when she worked in the TUC International Department, and his daughters, Amy (18) and Sarah (16). Brendan is an avid supporter of Everton Football Club, though he also occasionally attends the home games of Vauxhall Conference side Barnet. He is also a keen golfer.

From http://www.tuc.org.uk/the_tuc/about_bbarber.cfm

Dee said...

Oh wow! They are truly vicious aren't they? So they want to shut up the BNP and so-called right-wing extremists? Why doesn't someone shut them up? Who died and left them the role of totalitarian dictators? The last I heard, it still wasn't Communist Britain, but if these people are so bold as to make such blatantly and outrageously bigotted comments, you're not far off.
Rise up you Conservative lights of the continent. It's time to put up a fight. And for those of you who know what prayer can do, now is the time to start!

last man standing said...

After reading the above CV. of mr Brenda Barber, it strikes me that many of these hideous anti British traitors have used the whole race relations band wagon as a tool for furthering their careers, and would equally be the biggest fascists of all if that had been the fashionable thing to do in their quest for promotion. Along with career politicians, I find these slugs to be the most dangerous low life's of all, worse than any hard line Communist who although misguided, has the conviction of his beliefs, how can anyone put trust in leaders who change their loyalties to the highest bidder?. I hope the day comes when men with ideals once more rule the west.

Felicity said...

My kids got Lord of the Rings as a box set, three long films.
I'd read the Hobbit as a child but kind of lost interest.
As we watched it the other night (fascinating) my son said "Its even got the suicide bomber mum"
Everything clicked into place, the men of the West, the last men standing were fighting an evil horde of brain dead zombies with no mercy.
The Orcs are revolting, bredfor killing and destruction (guess who) and the traitors are powerful so called leaders of the community. And my boy was right, they even had a suicide bomber at Helms Deep!
A story from the past definately reworked for our time. We won in the end though!

Green Arrow said...

My brothers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of men fails; when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship... but it is not this day! An hour of wolves and shattered shields, when the Age of Men comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!