Sunday, 22 April 2007

The UAF - The true face of fascism

The Unite Against Freedom crowd reveal their true face with their current headline article over on the their website. Fascists? What can you with them?

No BNP on the Licence Fee! - In Wales

• Pull the plug on the BNP Party Political Broadcast in Wales
• Emergency picket outside BBC Wales, 6pm-7pm, Tuesday 24th April
• Complain to broadcasters
Pickett 6-7pm Tuesday 24th April,
BBC Wales Offices,
Broadcasting House,
Llantrisant Rd

For more information contact Unite Against Fascism on:
07790 022 472 / 07734 032 314
supported by NUJ and BECTU

However I must admit to being slightly concerned at the support given by the National Union of Journalists. BECTU can eat my shorts for what their opinions are worth. It is enough to say that their Black Members' Committee aims to do something or other.

However, I cannot believe that any true journalist would strive to stamp out free speech, ergo they are not true journalists. They are the mouthpieces of the state and deserve only contempt for their cowardice and betrayal of their profession.

Now you know now why you should vote B.N.P. on May 3rd. The British National Party is the only party that defends free speech. Even that the of the fascist UAF.

If anyone is in the area could they check out their turnout and also get a few snapshots to send me. Talking of which, there is a request for photo's and information over on the B.N.P. site here. Please help if you can.

Censorship reflects society's lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime.


Anonymous said...

Its an outrage that in a democracy a group of the great unwashed can attempt to influence the political climate by intimidation and violence.
I knew they were getting desperate but this is the lowest of the low and deserves widespread condemnation.

Anonymous said...

The Unwashed And fragrant are nothing without their big backers, One look at them and anyone with half a brain can see that they are a bunch of perverts and misfits-take a look at their man Gable...would you want to leave your kids in his care??- I wouldnt even trust him with my pet goldfish!. They know that their time is almost up, now what was that Isley brothers song...Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide?

Anonymous said...

Free speech is a valuable part of today’s society, but it has to be used responsibly. Using free speech to incite racial intolerance, to divide our society, to tell lies, to promote conflict, as the BNP does, is not the responsible use of free speech. I hate the idea of censorship, but if there is one area where it should be used, is to stop the lies and hatred the BNP spout

shieldwall said...

Anon please give evidence of the lies,racial hatred etc...that you say the BNP spout.Also the BNP are a legal party, because you and few others do not agree ,why should they be banned?,hardly democratic that eh,who is the Nazi?.

Felicity said...

Anon likes freedom but with a caveat, only some people get it.
Tough anon, thats a grown up society when you have tpo listen to things you dont like, stuff peoples feelings its peoples lives we care about.
Why should we respect the feelings of mad moon god worshippers who blow themselves up?
When they want to rejoin the human race...then we'll talk.

Anonymous said...

Who are those two "true Brits" in the pic?

The Green Arrow said...

anon, those two pinups are from the UAF toilet home page.

Anonymous said...

OK… Leader Griffin convicted for racial hatred in 1998; wrote in ‘The Rune’ in 1998 that the holocaust did not happen, hangs out with the KKK and numerous other neo nazis world wide.

Founding leader Tyndall –Self confessed fan of Hitler, jailed for illegal possession of firearms and running a neo-Nazi paramilitary group.

Former Deputy leader Tony Lecomber - jailed for possessing explosives and bomb-making equipment, and for attacking a Jewish teacher

Joe Owens, a BNP candidate in Merseyside and former bodyguard to Nick Griffin, has served eight months in prison for sending razor blades in the post to Jewish people and another term for carrying CS gas and knuckledusters

BNP ‘stewards group’ combat 18 (need I say more?)

the above is just scrathing the surface.

There are a lot of problems with Islamic Fundamentalists, but that aint enough for the BNP, they have to make crap up, using scare stories about Muslims and migrants that have no connection with reality to stir up a backlash against ‘non-brits’.

Anonymous said...

Felicity… I have no problem with listening to things I do not like; I have to listen to stuff I do not like all the time. I can deal with facts or different opinions to mine, but why should we put up with lies and scare stories about Muslims, migrants and ‘non brits’ that are just tripe dreamed up to cause trouble.