Monday, 26 March 2007

BNP fears force group to cancel - Run away.

If you listen or rather read the rubbish put out by Lancaster UAF, which sadly some of us have to, you will know that they are not renowned for the accuracy of their reporting.

They are getting it wrong again - as usual we must assume it is deliberate. By all accounts the Race Action Northampton (RAN) was due to hold a meeting at the town's Guildhall this week, but members decided to cancel after receiving intelligence suggesting members of the British National Party would disrupt the event.

Now leaving aside the fact that politics is about debate. What sort of cowards run an organisation that runs away at the "possibility" of open debate with the opponents of their view? Why the kind that does not wish for debate.

A BNP spokesman claimed they were unaware of the event. He added: "We've got no interest in this group. We don't care what they talk about but, if they wanted a debate about us, they should have invited us."

I suspect the truth of the matter is that there were not enough people interested in supporting the event.

Much like the Respect Meeting in Wales which only attracted an audience of eight or the Hope not Hate event recorded by BNP and Me, where you can see from the photos taken by one of our agents, the huge numbers of opponents the BNP face on a daily basis.

If they had a problem they should have invited the British National Party who as great believers in freedom of speech would have been delighted to attend and ensure the safety of the audience.


Meg said...

Yes the BNP are experts at security given that every time they try to hold a legitimate meeting the great unwashed and their friends at MPACUK mobilise with placards steel drums and white men with bad dreadlocks and acne to shout "FASCIST"! before hiding behind a police cordon.
If only this other set of initials had said they were scared the grannies of the BNP could have come and protected them from honest disagreement and an exchange of civilised views.
Too bad.....its the only chance some of those anti fash people get out in daylight.

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for expressing your concern about me not blogging lately. My computer broke down and I am waiting for a new one.
I am getting a new one on friday but I will be online briefly and then my partner will be out of work briefly and so we will lose the phoneline, but I will be back shortly after(hopefully)
Take care x

British National Party member said...

Aha, great stuff. I just linked to this :)