Thursday, 29 March 2007

And Then Felicity said

I continue with posting comments made by our cyberspace warriors who are everywhere. Nothing better than landing on an enemy site and finding a comment from one our troops already there. So this is what Felicity said...

I despair of my fellow countrymen and women I really do. Its as though they were sleep walking over a cliff to oblivion, and thats exactly what they are doing.

They buy newspapers that spout party policy, and bury stories that dont go with the programme. They vote for smiling clones in red/blue/yellow and now green rosettes, and they give up the freedoms their grandchildren should inherit.

Bit by bit inch by inch we give up more ground until the only ones left dissenting can be safely labelled nutters or bigots for refusing to fit a government mould.

Orwell saw the future when he wrote 1984 and remember Winston lost in the end. He loved Big Brother.

I feel I'm banging my head on a wall about the BNP to some people.
"I dont like their thoughts on gays" "I agree with the immigration but what about...?"

For Gods sake wake up Britain, you dont have the luxury of time to nit pick about fringe policy because immigrants from foreign and hostile lands are landing in their thousands on our shores.

Still never give up. I'll never love Big Brother.

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