Sunday, 4 March 2007

What sort of schools are these?

In North-West London there is a building called the School of the Islamic Republic of Iran. There the head teacher, Farzad Farzan believes that "we can choose what we wish to teach.".

Well what they are teaching there is unknown because Ofsted has not inspected the school for many years. What we do know from Mr Farzan who barely speaks our national language, is that English is only taught "once a week" and that the majority of the lessons are Islamic based with the emphasis on the learnings of the Koran. This method usually involves the young children swaying whilst chanting the verses. This is a well known method used to brainwash new members of cults. The British National Party would ensure such schools be inspected on a regular basis.

There are other schools in the area that also require inspection. Read it here. You can also read more over at Stop Islamic Conquest.

Give me the child and I will give you the man.


Anonymous said...

25 things that scare the shiite out of Muslims:

(1) Jooooooz
(2) Rational analysis of Muslim beliefs.
(3) Fun
(4) Comparative religion in schools.
(5) Dance, drama, music and arts in school.
(6) Swimming lessons.
(7) Boy meets girl (unless they're cousins)
(8) St George
(9) Pigs and Monkeys
(10) Large Statues of Buddha
(11) Crosses
(12) Small statues of Buddha
(13) Tiny crosses worn as jewelry
(14) Crosses disguised as + signs on keyboards and calculators.
(15) Evolution
(16) The Enlightenment
(17) The BNP
(18) Christian Zionists
(19) The Truth
(20) That verse in the Bible about what happens to pedophiles.
(21) Castration of rapists.
(22) Internment and deportation of enemies of civilisation.
(23) A well-ordered citizens' militia.
(24) Dum-dum bullets greased with bacon fat
(25) God

Yankee Doodle said...

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