Monday, 5 March 2007

The Preston Pals Vrs The Mosque

The Preston Pals are fighting again. This time against the building of a new Mosque on Watling Street Road, Fulwood.

Resistance fighters against the rise of Islam in their area have taken the proud name of The Preston Pals, the name given to 7th Battalion of the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment which fought and fell on the Somme in July 1916, during the First World War. Brave men fighting and dieing for Their Country, Our Country.

Now all True Brits would say “well done - The original Preston Pals would have been proud of you”.

But as you know we are not all True Brits, some of us are third columnists. Much like the Lancashire Evening Post who scream out in their headline Mosque leaflet abuses war heroes.

As an ex-serviceman and British National Party supporter, as are many others I have spoken to about this matter. We strongly resent the statement put out by Royal British Legion spokesman Patrick Leavey, who said:

"The Preston Pals was an infantry unit, raised in Preston, which was almost annihilated during the First World War.
"Their sacrifice should not be besmirched by people engaged in political campaigning for such an ugly cause.
"We condemn this leaflet, its contents, and those who are disseminating it."

For that statement I award Patrick Leavey a White Feather.


Anonymous said...


"A COUNCILLOR faces a disciplinary hearing tomorrow (Tuesday, 06 March) after a group of young Asian women complained she had racially insulted them.

Coun Gail Kenney, who represents Sawston on Cambridgeshire County Council, is alleged to have told one girl she only wore the hijab - a neck and head covering - because it suited her, and said a youth worker should intervene before another member of the group was "married off to some illiterate man from back home".

It is also claimed she made distasteful comments about Islamic terrorists."

Islam is not a race
Islam is not a race
Islam is not a race
Islam is not a race
Islam is not a race
Islam is not a race

Anti-gag said...

Well done these Preston Pals.
More than 90 years may have passed since the original Pals strugle to save our Nation, but that fight (different threat) still goes on today.

Also remember things looked far more bleak in 1916 & 1940 than they do today, we won both those strugles, and we will in one.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Traitors were easily identified then, things have changed when a fifth column of communists and their agents in the press actively work against the british people.