Friday, 23 March 2007

Prescott calls for slavery memorial

That blundering, tongue tied ape Prescott has been opening that hole in his head again. As usual complete garbage comes out. Though this time I think he has lost the plot completely.

According to this failed wine steward (you can see from his shape how he disposed of the half empty bottles) William Wilberforce had little to do with the abolition of slavery.

This lumbering sexual Adonis of the typing pool now wants a slavery memorial day to be held every year in Britain to recognise the pain of the country's black population.

What about the pain of the indigenous population who even now are suffering and paying for the enrichment of muggings, shootings, etc from these poor pain racked people. What about a monument for us?

The thug slug chose today of all days, when British Servicemen are being held hostage to spew forth more stupidness onto the ever suffering British People.

This thing, because there is no way you can call him a man is still enjoying all the perks of high office without doing anything except the odd secretary - what a desperate slapper she must have been to lie under that obscenity.

The creature feels no shame and I am sure that none of us would shed a tear should he be dispatched according to the Halal method of meat preparation.

Only a British National Party government will bring justice and common sense back to Our Country.


BABY JESUS said...


Because I believe in my heart that people like you, so full of hate and spite, are what holds mankind back.
You see yourself no doubt as pragmatic and honest, merely making an opinion on what you see. But to me, because you are so corrupted and vile, then you can only see the world in that way.

All to often the term 'liberal' has been misused. I see no reason why only you Nazis can behave badly.

You do not represent the Britain I love. You are a wretched and sadistic coward.

The Green Arrow said...

Baby Jesus. You are one sick puppy. You sought to disrupt this blog by flooding it with garbage and forced me to switch on moderation. Something I promised to myself I would not do.

That to me is not reasoned debate. You could simply have posted your arguments. I would publish them.

Unlike you the British National Party do not seek to stifle different opinions to our own.

I will forgive you once. If you have anything to say. Say it or leave.

shieldwall said...

an apt name,BABY well done,because someone dares to have a different opinion to you they are instantly branded a Nazi,how perverse,very Nazi like traits by your good self,you state,"corrupted and vile",I suggest you read your own rants BABY,you sound like someone with anger problems,perhaps they are BABY tantrums?.Whilst I am enlightening you,ask yourself the simple question,why does this British generation have to recognise and handwring over the slave trade? had nothing to do with us!...I have nothing to be guilty of! you?.Also, do you believe that multiculturalism has been a triumph?...because the experts do not!.Have a long hard think BABY,after your afternoon nap of course,rockabye BABY!.

The Green Arrow said...

Shieldwall. You gotta stop making me laugh.

Besides like you say, he is only a child and so we should be patient with him.

I think first we must get him potty trained then we can work on his other problems. Agreed?

Felicity said...

The slave trade was vile and in Britains case it's history. Its still alive and well in Arab lands where black Christians are enslaved sold and abused.
Its alive in London where rich Arabs households "keep" Phillipino servants with no access to the outside world.No Lefties to stick up for them though, not PC enough. No Lefties either to speak up for the young girls forced to marry old men and enter a life of slavery and degradation. Lefties are hypocrites with tunnel vision, closed minds and limited understanding of the complexities of situations. Like babies really?
And Baby, Nazis killed millions in a genocidal rampage that the Arab/Muslim country cicling Israel today would love to see repeated. To date no one in the BNP has ever advocated genocide, death to the West or beheadings for gays and non believers.
Dont make silly comments or you shall have no supper!

The Green Arrow said...

First Shieldwall. Now you Felicity. This saving our country is a serious business and we cannot do it if we keep falling over laughing at the antics of the little baby.

Felicity I hope you are posting comments like your last all over the net forums and groups. They are vote winners.

Felicity said...

Oh yes GA, there are several of us patriotic ladies out there nipping in and out of forums and political blogs. We used to meet up for coffee and cake making sessions, now we cook up rebellion against the Islamification of Britain everywhere. At the school gates, the PTA and in doctors surgeries. It will hearten you to note that not once have any of us countered disagreement from the man or woman in the street.
We write to newspapers, not always getting published but at least the journo rejecting us reads it and hopefully a little of our recipe sinks in there too.
Never miss an opportunity!

The Green Arrow said...

Ahh. I knew it. I just knew all the charity work, tea, biscuits and cake making were a front for an organisation dedicated to treason and sedition. I feel so much better.