Sunday, 4 March 2007

Thank Allah for Little Girls

Many years ago I was doing some work with a Muslim Professor from North Africa. Now this person was a real nice guy and we would spend hours talking about different subjects whilst we worked. During the course of one such conversation I asked him about the Muslim practice of "Female Circumcision". I am ashamed now to say, that at that time I had no idea of what was really involved. I was stupid in thinking it was much like male circumcision and an hygiene matter or something. Boy was I wrong.

Well my colleague went on to say with almost these words "Ahh, my friend you do not understand. Women need cooling down (and he made a slowing down motion with his hand as he spoke) and by doing this it makes it (sex) better for the man.".

I remember that at the time, I thought this was crazy and just his view. Boy was I wrong again.

Then yesterday whilst browsing the net I came across this:-

Why do Moslems promote a practice which is
clearly so damaging? It is seen as a way of controlling sexual
appetites. Since a girl who has undergone mutilation experiences no
pleasure in the marital act, she has no reason to seek it; therefore,
her virginity is preserved until her wedding night. In other words,
Moslem men are willing to risk the lives of young girls for no other
reason than to ensure the status of their young brides.

Well you can read the full article here.

Then think about what Sharia Law means not just to you but to your daughters and your sisters.

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urban11 said...

Islam is a mental illness.

USpace said...

Good post and good link, Sharia is BAD news, we just have to keep getting people to read this stuff...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe thinks
women are half a man

beating wives is permitted
but first kick her out of bed

Felicity said...

The bedoin tribes which became Muslim worshipped a Moon God who had three daughters (Cresecent moon and 3 stars of Islam) before that they had female deities and women were revered and owned property.Allah was a 6th century BC persian deity dragooned into service by Mo.
Mo's first wife was older than him and very powerful and wealthy, perhaps he didn't like that even then?
Its a cult that has none of the refinement of the pagan religion it replaced, its Satanic now with a great fear and hatred of the Feminine. How else can inadequate uneducated men be sure their women will not naturally gravitate to the superior intellect of other men?
Simple, enslave and mutilate them. These guys couldn't handle a real equal relationship with a woman so they keep them in permanent childhood.

Stan the Man said...

And young Muslim men cant get girlfriends or get married until all the old pensioners get their pick first. No wonder they're so violent except in the countryside where there are stray sheep.

meg said...

have a look at liars buggers and theives blospot stan the man and see this story complete with photo of sheep botherer. the sheep is in disguise to respect its privacy at this sad time;

meg said...

Do not jest stan. Have a look at Liars Buggers and thieves for the tale of the low life Kurd who did just that.