Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Will the real Conservatives wake up please

Ladies and Gentlemen, fall to your knees and thank your lucky stars. For in these desperate times and in our hour of need we have been blessed with a self appointed Saviour.

I give you young Richard "Slig" Sloggett. I will let him introduce himself to you from his Cameron For PM blog. But here is a little taster to give you a small indication as to the modesty of the man.

Welcome to my new blog campaigning between now and the next election to get David Cameron into Number 10. I hope to use this blog as a forum through which I can analyse and tackle the key political issues of the day and spark debate between those of differing political positions.

I just did not realise how much power these intern political wannabes wielded.

Now you might ask why am I providing a link to the opposition - weak and ineffectual as it? Well it is to highlight the fact that a vote for the Conservatives is in fact a vote for a Labour Clone.

First read this report in the Blackpool Gazette in which it announces that the British National Party is to put forward a record number of candidates.

In a what seems half decent reporting they quote Ron Goodwin fighting for power in Highfield making more than a few statements worth reprinting.

"English people are tolerant people but if you rub their noses in the dirt, they will get up like a bulldog and bite you."

But this is the one I really want to draw your attention to.

"You can't put a cigarette paper between the policies of the other parties because they are no different. The other councillors have had their own way for a long time and they want to keep it that way."

And bang there is your link to what Richard as to say in his quite nasty and insulting comments about conservatives who care about their country. He writes on his blog:-

What Hitchens failed to mention is that there is an alternative for those with the racist, anti-immigrant, anti-asylum seeker, anti-Europe such as his own and it can found in the UK Independence Party or worse the British National Party.

So there you have it from the Conservative Party. From the above they show the same policies as Labour. Anti-White, Pro-Immigration, Pro-Asylum seekers and Pro-Europe.

Now one of the strongest virtues that the Rank and File Conservatives have always shown is that of Loyalty. And that is a quality that is greatly respected by the British National Party. But I say to the conservative activists and supporters. You have not changed. Your values are the same. It is your leadership that has betrayed you. It is time to move over to the B.N.P. and help take back our country. Your skills and determination will be made welcome.

Loyalty to petrified opinions never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul in this world--and never will.


Anonymous said...

A real out of touch little bunch referring to "sailor squabbles" (our captured seamen) and which trendy bandwagon Cameron should jump on first.

The hooray Henry's are out in force trying to make chubby cheek Cameron acceptable but he's a strawman.

Frances said...

Oh well then they obviously dont care about me, so I dont care about them. Its BNP for me now. Nice to see in black and white how the New Tories feel about us old dinosaurs who want our country back.

The Green Arrow said...

Well Frances why don't you tell young Richard that over on his blog. It may well help some good people come over to the cause.

Besides you write so well and I would like to see you put the young pup back in his box.

shieldwall said...

He seems like a nice chap(hohum).

Frances said...

Oh I have GA I have LOL!

Thats if he keeps it up?

Frances said...

Ah, tis gone I'm afraid....and I didn't even swear!
Oh well censorship is alive and well and living in Britains Young Conservative Puppy Party.

Anonymous said...

Stig thank you for that, I've been feeling rather out of the loop to be frank.
While I deplore the use of immigrants as bogeymen I really think we should be looking at what it is about the Islamic creed which prompts acts of terror.

Is this part of the comment you left Frances?
Its still very much there.

The Green Arrow said...

There are a couple of posts there but they are up on a different subject.

I better get onto these littlebulldogs thing and MPACUK.

They are new to me. If you see anything I should be looking at can u please comment or email me please.

Anonymous why dont you get an ID just for posting? You seem to move around a bit. Well done.

Anonymous said...

I tried to send you the littlebulldogs thing but couldn't get the e-mail for you?
Yeah I get around a bit LOL
Well cant rely on BBC anymore?

Nikola said...

He wouldn't look out of place in a soho gay bar:) The new face of conservatism!

Richard Sloggett 'Slig' said...

Dear Green Arrow,

You talk about 'taking our country' back and I know you feel let down by the Blair government as many people do.

But I believe that there is now a viable mainstream alternative in the form of Cameron to start tackling some of the problems Blair will leave behind.

Your extreme views, along with some of your supporters are I believe completely out of touch with mainstream public opinion.

If there is such a groundswell of opinion as you would have us believe and a possible revolution in the offing why have the BNP still got a miniscule number of councillors across the country and still not a single member of Parliament?

I do appreciate the concerns aired by some on this blog that the 2 political parties appear to be very close in some policy areas.

I feel that this however has been exaggerated by the media.

As I have mentioned on my own blog there are key differences, some of them you no doubt may approve of: a border police force and tougher rules for those that abuse the asylum system (Both DC policies) which do divide the parties.

The BNP are not a realistic alternative to the two main governing parties.

I'd be keen to learn apart from kicking out asylum seekers, black and asian people, because they are of a different colour skin what in fact are your policies for schools, hospitals, the environment?

Actually talking about the environment it wouldn't surprise me if the BNP and its members blamed climate change on Jews, blacks or any other minority group they care to vilify.

The Conservative Party has always based itself on a 'one-nation' ethos where all members of society should be treated equally. We are concerned at the PC driven agenda of the Blair years and are going to tackle some of the problems of it.

I sign up to this 'one-nationism', and if you are a traditional Tory I'm sure you do to, and feel that we should not pander to certain groups with their own skewed agenda.

We should not under any circumstances tolerate those that preach violence against others at any stage. This goes for Muslims, white football hooligans, jamaican yardies, Chinese Triads and any other violent groups. This should be about decent behaviour not as the BNP would have us believe about ethnicity.

Judging all persons of one group by the actions of a minority is wrong and does a dis-service to the good work done by many people from a great many minority groups across the country.

Please don't believe everything you read in the Express newspaper and I would urge you to please re-consider supporting the BNP: a party that is based on racism and prejudice.

Many Thanks and I look forward to debating with you in the future