Thursday, 22 March 2007

The Next British Civil War

Do you think it will get that bad? It will if the British People do not wake up to the clarion calls of the resistance fighters who are trying to wake them from the sleep of apathy.

There is a blogger called Lionheart. This man is a true Christian Crusader and despite personal problems and much hardship he continues to post from the front line in our battle against the forces of evil and the supporters of Eurabia.

Irregardless of whether your are religious or not, there is no doubting this Mans sincerity or love of Nation. You must read his essay here. Be advised it very well resourced with many, many links and so will take time to read. Bookmark it and go through it slowly.

When finished, resolve to stand with your countrymen in the fight for Our Nation and do something to help. A British National Party government is the only hope for the United Kingdom and perhaps even Europe.

I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.


shieldwall said...

any person who knows his nations rich history should be patriotic and wanting to preserve it and defend it no matter what,this soil is sacred,DEFEND IT!.

The Green Arrow said...

Well said shieldwall. With people like you and people like Lionheart we cannot lose.

LionHeart said...

A 'New World' order is upon us and the sooner people wake up to the new reality we face, the sooner we can protect those We love and Defend Our Great Nation.

Islam is at War within Our Nation and the 98% of Our population are ignoring it through Dhimmitude or complete ignorance.

God bless You Green Arrow


Helena said...

The women of the nation need to wake up too and realise that the freedoms we enjoy didn't come cheap. They were bought by brave women who demanded and fought for a vote, who kept the country well oiled and safe while the men went to war and provided a home for them coming home.These freedoms would be destroyed under Islam. Look at the veiled women walking behind the small man with the big beard. They are so brainwashed from birth they think they are free.
Listen to your children when they come home from school, challenge every negative lesson about how desirable is multiculturalism or foreign faiths. We are often the first person our child speaks to about their day. Dont allow them to be brainwashed by a sinister cult or its sinister helpers in government. Most importantly use the vote our grandmothers fought for and died for in prisons and under the hooves of the Kings horse and vote for a party that puts Britain and our freedom at the top of their agenda. That has to be the BNP.
Well done boys for a marvellous blog. If it wasn't for Lionheart and all of you speaking out here in cyberspace many wouldn't be aware of the threat we are under until the jihadi's knocked on the door in the middle of the night.

najistani said...

I agree with Helena about counteracting the malevolent effects of the schools.

To get some cultural confidence back we need to counteract the PC Eurabian syllabus by educating our children about things that the schools won't teach.

Every Judeo-Christian child should be educated to appreciate:

(1) The history, folklore, traditions, festivals, music and heritage of their own nation.

(2) The best examples of the wider Judeo-Christian culture of Europe and the Anglosphere, especially art and music which has stood the test of time.

Our children deserve better than the multi-culti pap and Kumbaya crap that they are force-fed at present.

A little bit of 'home-schooling' outside the control-freak Islamo-Marxist curriculum whould help our kids to learn (and maybe help us parents to remember) who we are and where we have come from.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Helena,
You are right about our women taking a stand and it is sad to see what our society has done to the younger generation of our ladies.

Women in this country really suffered to make themselves free and now when we look at the horrors of Islam with its treatment of women, children, genital mutilation you would think that the women of this country would be storming parliament and demanding that Islam be outlawed as being just as bad as slavery.

If you would like to write an article from a womans perspective, I would be honoured to publish it here.

LionHeart said...

It would be good to read writings from a Womans point of view.

God bless you Helena and Najistani.


shieldwall said...

Regarding the brainwashing of our kids in schools,I have first hand experience of this travesty,my eldest daughter could tell me about the five pillars of islam etc...but could not tell me who Judas Iscariot was.Like you point out re educate them when they get home,they are also learning a lot of rubbish in school ,courtesy of Blair and co.