Sunday, 4 March 2007

Three Codes of Justice

Case 1.

Kevin Hughes, a BNP member got into a verbal dust up with one of Great Britain's new elite. An Iraqi asylum seeker. Foolish man. There is only going to be one winner when a white British man goes up against one these leeches and it is not the True Brit.

You guessed it Prison - 30 months prison for Kevin, the successful businessman, loving husband and charity worker who has robustly maintained his innocence.

The asylum seeker who had already been caught lying on his asylum application claimed that Kevin had struck him. A claim strongly denied by Kevin - an honest respected man.

Now despite the fact that there were no witnesses and no injuries to the lying asylum seeker Kevin was sentenced to 30 months and is currently a guest of Her Majesty.

Contrast the above with this second assault and judge for yourself who should be in prison or better still deported.

Case 2.

A GANG who screamed racist abuse as they went on a violent rampage through Southampton city centre have escaped immediate jail terms.

Seven men were part of the group who left bystanders unconscious and bleeding.

They assaulted seven people during their drink and drug fueled attacks, yet only one was jailed for drug offences.

One even waved a knife in the face of two terrified women shouting: "I'm from Afghanistan, I'm a Muslim. I'm going to stab every white person."

You can go and read the rest. Guaranteed to turn your stomach. I leave the last words to the British National Party correspondent who wrote.

There are obviously three Codes of Justice operating in this country. One for immigrants, one for the white indigenous folk, and a much more vicious one for BNP members.

Our correspondent adds: ”I hope the perpetrators of these injustices are called into account after the revolution (or whatever it takes to get rid of our present corrupt rulers!)”


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