Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Countering The Smears

During the coming weeks, the British National Party and its supporters are going to come under increasing attack from the Tri-Axis of evil and their lapdogs of the UAF and Media. Witness the actions of that once fine newspaper - The Daily Mirror.

The kind of attacks we have seen in the past are verbal attacks against activists, smear attacks by defacing property with the B.N.P. name and outright lies in the press.

At the end of this post is a link to the B.N.P. articles section giving advice on how to answer questions from friends and family who may have queries about some of the smear subjects. Start by telling them about by the people who seek to destroy Our Country and our way of life and then give them a good clear answer from the list.

In case your wondering about the image at the top. Well that is a reminder of why we fight. Just as our fathers once had to fight for us, now we must fight for our children.

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Felicity said...

The public have never been more receptive to the message than now despite the smear tactics of most of the press.
They see that it is NOT the BNP screaming for beheadings, special treatment or plotting atrocities.
Muslims cannot justify their behaviour any longer, they are becoming an embarressment to their friends.
The so called "moderates" in the MCB have been shown to be as dangerous and devious as the violent neanderthals with the placards and death threats.
I pity the newspaper or focus group which sides with Islam in this new climate. The public have long memories.

meg said...

I dont pity them at all Felicity, they are traitors to a man and woman. They have betrayed their race their people and their country by facilitating the takeover of Britain by a violent foreign movement.