Thursday, 29 March 2007

The Clown Brown Chancellor and the Children

The Brown Clown Chancellor who wishes to become Prime Minister. Which is a bit like the First Officer of the Titanic wishing to take command of the ship just as it plunges to the bottom has descended to a new low.

Now interfering with the minds of children is almost as bad as interfering with them on a physical level. I have just had the misfortune to watch a trailer for a show in which this Iron Chancellor is "grilled" by 10 year olds.

You can read more here but ask yourself this. What sort of grilling can a 10 year old carry out on a politician whose daily stock in trade is Spin & Lies.? Why didn't the creep agree to take on some real opposition like world weary 12 year olds who have seen his like before? Or dare I say it. Nick Griffin?

The show ends on a really vomit inducing note with the Children having a vote in favour of the jolly laughing clown at the front.

Well the British National Party will give him cause to cry in May. The image shows Brown reaching for one young child who asked "How many Councillors does he think the B.N.P. will have after the May elections and does he put down the success of the British National Party to Labours failed policies?"

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Meg said...

This man is more dangerous than Blair, thats why the Party chose Tony over him in the first place. He would have made them unelectable after the first term. As leader-in-waiting he had to cosy up to people he despises (the long suffering worker bees who have the cheek to save a few quid)
He's Old Labour/Marxist Socialist to the bone. He loves the one world vision and taxing till we bleed for his pet African projects.
Be afraid of Brown in office, be very afraid.
Better still vote BNP!