Saturday, 31 March 2007

Oh dear, we are in trouble now

I have just been looking at some of the people that the fruit bats in the UAF have roped in to destroy the British National Party.

Boy is Nick Griffin in trouble. How is he going to take on those great friends of Cuprinol Man, Peter Hain - The druggie band Babyshambles?

Tremble in your boots guys - Babyshambles claim to fame is that one of their spotty young members squirted a syringe of blood at a cameraman before wrecking an hotel bedroom and daubing it with blood that turned out to be fake - but it got them their headlines.

You can judge a man by the company he keeps. Nice one Peter? Babyshambles - truly shining examples of modern youth. I wonder how long they would last under Sharia Law?

If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane.


shieldwall said...

Babyshambles are nothing but scum and a disgrace to the music industry of Britain.They are the ones that should be banned.

The Green Arrow said...

I agree Shieldwall which is why I finished on the laughing bit.

But how on earth can supposedly street wise "politicians" like the orange dirt bag Hain be seen associating with the likes of real scum such as Babyshite?

If the little turd had squirted me with a dirty syringe full of blood, he would not have had a nose to snort his crap up.

Britlord said...

Babyshambles are pond life.

As pathetic as our limp wristed, hand wringing liberal justice system is,i still find it suprising they have not been sent to jail.

Especially their lead singer, that junkie p***k Pete Doherty or whatever his name is. When I saw that picture in the newspaper of him injecting an unconscious girl with a syringe full of drugs I was outraged, and I was even more outraged when he got away with it.

The fact that the New Labour party and Peter Hain are associating with scum like this speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

New Labour love "celebs" which is probably why doc has kept out of jail so long.