Saturday, 24 March 2007

Lionheart - A True Christian Crusader

You may have heard me mention a fellow blogger called Lionheart in the past. I start the day of by mentioning him again. You see on your left an image of him that was taken in the Holy Land I believe.

Lionheart is, I repeat, a true Christian Crusader and living in the front line as he does he needs every ounce of faith that God has given him. Which is immeasurable as far as I can tell.

Every day, whilst I sit here and type or look out at the mountains, Lionheart also types. But Lionheart looks out at a different view. His view is of an alien world. He looks out on a world where he is the alien. He is the foreigner. To his "neighbors". The colonisers. He is less than human. He is a infidel.

Now infidel is an offensive word that is akin to calling a black man a nigger. Yet we accept it much as we accept the term honkies as the enricher's of our society call us. More shame on us.

We must save Lionheart and all like him who live in the shadow of the evil cult of Muhammad. We must regain our land or pass from the face of this Earth having failed Gods final test on mankind. The triumph of good over evil. The fight back begins by voting for the British National Party in May.

So look at the photo of Lionheart and salute him, for he has far more courage then I.


shieldwall said...

Keep up the fight Lionheart,there will never be another Hattin if we stick together!.

Felicity said...

Its men like you who keep the country safe Lionheart. Despite the PC meddling that makes White Heterosexual Man the most persecuted group in the country, we will wake the country up and take our nation back.
Go see 300, its annoying the Muzzies to the point of more protests and we'll get some tips for the future. And since a British woman in a ticked off mood is worth at least three of the enemy, we'll mop up those which you guys miss.

I've just seen the significance of your screen name Shieldwall, my dad always said it was the greatest innovation to come out ancient Britain (I think we have to thank the Romans for it though)
A well defended Shieldwall cannot be breached as long as the men stand firm. A lesson for our times.

shieldwall said...

Thank you Felicity,you know your history,it happens to be my favourite subject and that is what made me so patriotic.Keep up the good work and never surrender.