Thursday, 8 March 2007

Preston Pals lose Battle

As reported here, the 'Preston Pals' had been reformed to prevent the building of a super mosque with a towering minaret in Watling Street Road, Fulwood.

It seemed that their efforts to gather support would be rewarded and the number of letters of complaint to the local planning committee by far exceeded the letters supporting the building and it seemed that planning permission would be refused and the wishes of the residents prevail.

However in a spectacular act of betrayal,
Members of Preston Council's planning committee rejected the advice of the authority's officers and gave the go-ahead to plans to build a huge new mosque with a minaret that will dominate the Fulwood skyline.

The vote of approval was passed 4-6 with 4 councillors abstaining. A disgusting act of cowardice on the part of the officials who abstained who should now resign in shame. Let us hope the voters remember their names.

Jane Tonge, 58, who has lived on Watling Street Road for 30 years, said: "I am still in shock. is a political decision which has been made, not one about planning issues.

"Four members of the committee did not even vote, surely they should bear in mind their role within the council. I cannot believe they did not vote to make a decision."

Speaking afterwards, one honourable man, a Councillor Driver, who voted against the plans, said he was "ashamed" that four members had abstained on such an important vote.

However not content with their dubious victory over democracy, the enemies of free speech switched to an attack on the 'Preston Pals' who had sought to deny them their huge symbol of domination and colonisation. They complained to the Police about the leaflets used by the 'Pals' to warn the local people about the new Mosque.

The Police are now investigating to see if the Preston Pals group, named after a battalion of First World War soldiers from the city, can be prosecuted under race-hate laws.

Sgt Mike Chadwick, of Preston Police diversity team, admitted they were investigating the leaflets and said: "We have to balance the human rights of the leaflets' authors and recognise the importance of freedom of speech, but we are treating these complaints very seriously."

He also confirmed police had spoken to Mr Bamber, who had stood as a candidate for the BNP in last year's council elections and was responsible for organising this attempted defence of his country.

However, Mr Bamber said he was "entitled to speak his mind" on an issue he insisted concerned a lot of people across Preston and said he had received many letters of support. Mr Bamber can be sure, that one day a British National Party government will be looking to restore justice to Fulwood.

Mr Bamber. We salute you. As, I am sure do the readers of The Green Arrow.


shieldwall said...

Very sad end,the cowardice and pandering of these so called councillors is a disgrace,well done to all who tried to fight this eyesore,unfortunately another blot has been added to our sacred soil.

Anti-gag said...

Sod those cowards who were too scared to vote, this story is about a British fight back.

The Preston Pals in WW1 faced machine gun bullets and cannon shells, these current day pals, (although none the less brave) face only intimidation and death threats. If bullets and shells couldn't stop them, intimidation and threats have no chance.

Stand proud Preston!
Stand proud the Preston Palls!

On May 3rd Vote BNP.

Chris Hill

British National Party member said...

Yes, i do salute him.

Ive met him actually, he's a knowledgable chap and a pleasant man to chat to over a pint.

A good chap.