Friday, 30 March 2007

Heard the one about the Jewish and Christian Ostriches?

Over in Manchester, the Bishop of Manchester along with "representatives" from the Jewish and Muslim communities have signed a declaration asking Greater Manchester people to reject all political parties that seek to defend the white people of Our Country.

In a document that was signed at Trinity United Church - soon to be The Mosque of the Crazed Paedophile - the tools of Islam wrote.

"In particular, we regret that the British National Party now has 49 seats on local authorities in this country. Those who advocate racist policies cannot do so in the name of any of our faith communities."

Now we know that some of Our Christian leaders can be a bit weak in the head - probably from some of the positions they get into in their closets - but what an earth are the Jews thinking?

Given half a chance the Muslims would exterminate every one of them - then start on the Christians who did not convert to their evil cult.

No wonder more and more real Christians are moving away from their Church and practicing their religion with like minded people. Just as more and more people have woken up to the fact that only the British National Party will restore British values including Christianity.

There is an interesting article called Lying in Islam that can be found here.


Meg said...

Have those Christians and Jews been buying the bongs GA?
There are always woolly faith people terrified of war and giving offence. They ope they'll be dead before the Muslims finally take over. These Christians and Jews just dont want attacked so think they'll get special treatment from the Muslims if they cosy up. They are "useful idiots".
The nazi's has collaberators/informers and "men of peace" they used frequently.
Islam has too.

Brian said...

Those "useful idiots" will be the well meaning death of us.
Treating certain faiths as just and tolerant equals is a big mistake. You may be kind and humane to a savage dog but only a fool ignores the danger of placing it in a sheep pen among the lambs.
Christians have a bad track record dealing with Islam, its why the Coptic Christians are dhimmified today when not killed in Islamic countries.

The Green Arrow said...

Your so right Brian. But it is more the leadership of the Church that are at fault. They speak from the pulpit, the congregation listens, rejects what they say and stop going to church. In the end the pews are empty.

Katherine said...

Recently I came across the littlebulldogs blog which ran an article about MPACUK (Muslim public affairs Committee)
The forum on this site had a thread about what to do with the captured Iranian seamen, it wasn't very patriotic.
I forwarded the link to the article to Scottish Daily mail, Richard Littlejohn (journalist mail) The Scottish Labour Party Conservatives and the anti union SNP, as an afterthought I added Scottish BNP, because I thought at least they might reply or act on this.
Not ONE reply.
Now either I have truly lost the plot, in which case I shall vote for the faeries residing illegally at the bottom of my garden come May or there are more people living in la la land than these good but misguided people.
The MPACUK forum where people discussed and suggested using the hostages as a human shield consists of mainly British born Muslims with no loyalty to the country, its servicemen or its principles.
Fair enough, they live in Kaffurdom protected by the freedoms they're supposed to hate or they couldn't spout this bilge. The Utopian Islamic State they're so fond of advocating and planning for the rest of us, wouldn't allow it.
I saw some brave soul had mentioned this over on Sligs blog, it was ignored there too.
Have we really become so weak we can ignore the threat on our doorstep never mind that overseas?