Friday, 23 March 2007

Make the 3rd Of May B.N.P. Day

Ok, this post is another stocking filler whilst I write the main article of the day. But is a very good idea that I am sorry to say is not mine.

Over on the Swindon Advertiser, there is a battle going on in the comments section where the Swindon Advertiser has been neatly caught out carrying on with the Noble Nullab tradition of Spin & Lies. Well done Bill of Wooton. You are the first to be awarded a MIGAD - Mentioned in Green Arrow Dispatches. This award will be recorded and is open to all British National Party members and supporters.

However the idea of making May the third B.N.P. day was posted by just patriotic of trowbridge Well done that man. Why don't the rest of us trot along to the link and add our comments?

The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen.

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Anonymous said...

if you were to show the british peaple back say in 1950 a picture of briton to day do you think thay would aprove?
dont kid your self not then and not now. So how has this come must have been somthing to do with the polotitions.thay couldent
have been reaily reprosenting us could thay? how meny mps do you think live next door to a jamacon or a packystane or any of the
other wonderfull peaple that have come to our shores? hold on im reading your mind again i think i must be A clairvoyant.OR perhaps not
O well dont give up the day job as they say.You have to think of cheire blear when see had that teir in her eye and cryed I only wanted to
find my boy some were to live. using an australian crook to try and aquire a nice littel proprety ahhhhhhh i felt so sory for her.we all
want somewere nice or we had some were.
we have been betrayed and I now think this country is wakeing up.