Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Can someone tell me why British taxpayers should be funding the Black Police Association for almost £200,000.00 per year?

Now I could never understand why Black Police officers needed their own association. What I found even harder to understand was why "coloured" officers were even given permission to set one up. What was wrong with the Police Federation? Are we not all equal?

Well we know the answer to that one. If you are white then they, "the establishment" do not want you in the Police Force. Doesn't matter if your the best man for the job. It is your colour that counts. And if your black your in. White? Forget it. Affirmative action.

Well it seems someone has been a little bit naughty in the BPA and the Home Office has frozen the associations grant and launched an inquiry into its financial operations.

Of course that means nothing because if you remember a Ms Comfort Afolabi who fleeced the lottery Community Fund of over £390,000 over a five-year period, walked away from our justice system with a hefty sentence of nothing.

I suppose it will all be brushed under the carpet in the Public Interest and besides they can always stop a few more motorists to make the money back.

Vote British National Party on May 3rd and let us start cleaning up this pig sty they have made us live in.

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celtic morning said...

With all these stories which are constantly brought to our attention you would have thought that by now , the Britsh people would have become so ashamed that they would have kicked out the Lab/Lib/Con traitors who have brought us to our knees but no , sit back and watch the bloody stupid soaps , que for some grotty bag just because a " celebrity " has one , eat , drink and be merry - for tomorrow you die . And tomorrow is coming sooner than we think . And what does the latest poll show in Scotland ? Labour is now neck and neck with SNP . If there is such a man as God then its about time he helped us for we seem unable , or unwilling , to help ourselves .