Friday, 25 May 2007

So is Shambo still with us?

Shambo - More important than your childrens health

What do you think? I wonder what the Welsh Assembly's priorities are? The safety of the people of Wales or a pampered piece of meat?

Well their cowardice is doing a lot more than putting the health of the population at risk. They are also jeopardizing the entire bovine TB testing procedure in Wales and eventually the rest of the U.K.

Furious farmers - many of whom lost countless highly prized cattle in recent years - are adamant that unless there is action soon there is little point in anyone carrying on the with TB testing if nothing is going to be done to remove infection sources.

The Welsh Assembly - talkers not doers. If you wanted action you should have voted for the British National Party.

T.B.. Another benefit of Multiculturalism that could well cost lives. Only the British National Party has the moral courage to uphold the law and protect the health of our children.

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