Thursday, 2 August 2007

The Daily Mirror - the truth

Remember this from when they attacked our servicemen?

The obscenity rag of the Daily Mirror stupidly assumes that the True Brits of Our Country are as dull and stupid as their dwindling readership.

In a vomit inducing lie to the truths face, they claim victory for obtaining the go-ahead for the Grays Lane Care home. But the truth is different. The real campaigners for justice for our war wounded were the foot slogging campaigners of SSAFA, The British National Party organising petitions and all the bloggers and nationalists who answered the BNP's call for assistance in promoting this worthy cause.

But the Daily Mirror forgets that these days, online newspapers and articles are not used for wrapping chips and then discarded but remain in the public domain for those who can be bothered to search and so the truth will out.

Articles like the one in which the scum bag rag, Daily Mirror attacked our wounded servicemen for complaining about the poor treatment they received on their return to their homeland after being betrayed by poor equipment, support and senior leadership. Remember this article written by leading scum bag Paul Routledge who tarnished the name of journalism with this slap in the face to our forces.

This shameless bid for 200,000 votes is mounted on the back of service families' complaints about NHS hospitals.

The moans are all the louder because dedicated hospitals for the services are being phased out. Squaddies must now rely on the health service (I presume that officers go private).

Well, welcome to the real world, corporal. That's what the rest of us have to put up with all the time.

Why should an injury suffered in Basra count for more than one suffered in Birmingham?

We have a volunteer army. There are no conscripts. These men and women choose to place themselves in the line of conflict.

It is a good thing that they do, but I question whether that gives them superior rights to Mrs Smith in South Elmsall.

The brass hats in Whitehall, and retired Colonel Blimps aplenty, are loud in their demands for preferential treatment in every conceivable context, from taxpayers' money to luxury accommodation.

A bit of humility might come in handy.

Read the article here and follow the link before they delete the page in shame.

All working people who still buy the comic should now come to their senses and look elsewhere if they want the real truth. Start looking here.


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Anonymous said...

RAF typist who hurt thumb is awarded eight times more than soldier who lost leg

An RAF typist who injured her thumb at work is to be paid almost half a million pounds by the Ministry of Defence.

The civilian's award is almost 30 times the amount a serviceman would receive for the same injury.

It is eight times more than a soldier would receive for losing a leg and almost double the amount he could expect if he lost both legs.

The £484,000 payout was condemned by former soldiers, politicians and servicemen's charities who fear it will severely damage morale.

The woman, believed to be in her 20s, developed a repetitive strain injury while typing computer data.

She claimed it left her unable to work and caused her to become depressed, and she started legal action against the MoD.
Find the rest of this article over on

Anonymous said...

I rip as much Mirror's as I can in shops making them unsaleable ha ha ha ha .

Marxist cunts They will pay for their treachery.