Friday, 3 August 2007

Downing Street ePetition

The Home of the Green has received the following email:

Dear fellow patriot.

I recently created a post on the Downing Street "epetition" calling for the sacking of Ken Livingstone for his failure to protect London from islamic terrorists. Or I should have said, I tried to create an e-petition! It was unfortunately rejected due to "Party Political material"? Whatever that means?

Well I later stumbled across an epetition which calls for the banning of the BNP, how can this not be "Party Political Material"? This is government bias and animosity towards a democratic party who are challenging the current Lab/Con/Lib political status quo.

So this really got my goat, so I have created a counter epetition that calls for the banning of this epetition and I also hope that it will send a message to the Government that we do not want to see democracy get flushed down the drain.
Here's the link to my epetition...

Which goes as follows; "This petition is undemocratic and a party political petition which under the guidelines of epetitions should not be allowed. The British National Party is a democratic LEGAL political party and should never even be considered banning."

Please can you forward this email to as many other British patriots, nationalists and upholders of democracy that you know of.

Thank you.

Very best regards


Anonymous said...

Had a look at the anti BNP petition set up by a Mr Anwar, where's he from I wonder?

He says.....The BNP is a party whose 'values' go against the core values of the British People.

You wot mate????????

I think he is a comic, but the jokes aint funny.

Now if you go over there for a look please do not leave a comment in favour of the BNP on Mr Anwars petition as this may add to the total against the BNP. Get on over to

and only leave your vote For the BNP in that petition.

A couple of bits are, copy and pasted, from Mr Anwars petition below.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Ban the British National Party (BNP).
Submitted by Shahid Anwar – Deadline to sign up by: 22 December 2007 – Signatures: 229

More details from petition creator
The BNP is a party whose 'values' go against the core values of the British People: respect for your fellow humans, equality for all regardless of race, creed, religion etc. This is a party who likes to prey on people's fears and try to create divisions in society rather than build i urge you to sign this petition and make the BNP history!

Very bad joke Mr Anwar.

Anonymous said...

Some immigrants thinking he owns Britain. Scum like this shoud not get to have a say in anything to do with running the country. Mr Anwar what a cunt of the highest order, I hope everyone signs the BNP petition. I will cut and paste to all my friends.. All proud British Nationals.

Aberdeen WED

Anonymous said...

Something like "Mr" Anwar speaking on behalf of the British people, while many of HIS fellow countrymen and cultural followers openly admit they agree to the suicide bombings, I dont think so. That British people who he is keen to represent have thoroughly woken up to our "guests" remit, and although presently lacking the voice to put their anger into action, will one day soon find the BNP, or a leader who will rally the flag. This is why the establishment do their utmost to stop any promotion of the BNP, the same establishment that has queled more than a couple of people awakenings (revolutions?) in the past, though things are very diferent now, with such a distrust of the media and politics in general. Yes the gulf between the dumbed down and the enlightened has grown significantly, the dumb further tuned into "reality" shows and celebritism, but conversly the enlightened continue to grow too, and many, having turned their backs on the establishment's vehicles for brainwashing, the tv and newspapers, now find out things for themselves. The rolling stone principle has been set in motion, in the form of the BNP and the powers that be know they have a limited ammount of time to stop it.

Anonymous said...

The 'Terms And Conditions For Acceptance of an E-Petition' can be read here:-

Can someone please explain this bit to me :-
The information in a petition must be submitted in good faith. In order for the petition service to comply with the law and with the Civil Service Code, you must not include:

* Party political material. The Downing Street website is a Government site. Party political content cannot be published, under the normal rules governing the Civil Service. Please note, this does not mean it is not permissible to petition on controversial issues. For example, this party political petition would not be permitted: "We petition the PM to change his party's policy on education", but this non-party political version would be: "We petition the PM to change the government's policy on education".