Saturday, 25 August 2007

Sikhs angry over turban plan

It's OK Miss. I only wear it for show. I would never use it.

What is it with these people who wrap towels around their heads, even when their hair is dry, that they feel they deserve to be exempt from the laws of the lands that they have been allowed to settle in and colonise?

Sikhs in both America and in Our Country are throwing a strop because security staff at airports will have the right to inspect turbans so they can be checked for non-metallic weapons.

Do they not understand that it would be easy for one of the cult, from say Pakistan, to disguise himself as a Sikh and board a plane? Wouldn't even have to black himself up.

However Sikh groups have responded to the new measures by describing them as outrageous and discriminatory. Same old story. Same old line and lies.

Now I know that the Sikhs have the same problems with the mad moslems as the rest of us and in all fairness to them they done their bit in halting the spread of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile and have attempted down the centuries to warn the West of the evil of Islam. But at the end of the day they must realise that they are not above the law. Well actually they are.

They can already carry the Kirpan, a ceremonial dagger, in their day to day life and their children even wear them to school as a part of their culture. This is something that I have posted before.

Over in Canada, Justice Louise Charron wrote in judgement.

"If some students consider it unfair that Gurbaj Singh may wear his kirpan to school, it is incumbent on the schools to discharge their obligation to instil in their students this value that is... at the very foundation of our democracy."

I would have thought that letting a twelve year old into school with a dagger would be the last thing anyone would want but there you go. The school daggers are usually about three inches in length. Not a lot I know, but someone once wrote that three inches was enough to kill a king. Certainly three inches is enough to kill a fellow pupil.

But it is a cultural thing you see. So how long before we get demands from the Blacks to carry guns around as part of their culture? Sorry, I forgot, they already do.

If you want one law for all then you want a political party that believes in that principle. You want the British National Party and they only way you are going to get them is by joining the BNP and supporting and voting for them at every opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of turning up at Heathrow in my own traditional dress complete with a sgian dubh tucked into my sock. How far do you think I'll get?