Saturday, 18 August 2007

The Universe is Big. Really big.

Miss Universe Contestants. Green Arrow stoops to new low to increase readership

Douglas Adams wrote in the excellent Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy that "The Universe is Big. Really big. It may seem like a long way to the corner chemist, but compared to the Universe, that's peanuts."

And you know what else is big? The internet is big. Probably not as big as the Universe but still big.

Unable to sleep, because thoughts of the slimey Keith Vaz kept creeping into my dream of how the British National Party could truly build a real Camelot and turn Our Country into a real Heaven on Earth, I was forced to rise.

Pouring some strong coffee, I was determined to write something more about this creature Vaz and his links to the SWP, Respect, UAF and his troubled (code for crooked) past. Something along the lines of a previous post about Mohammad Sarwar, that you can read here.

But first I read the emails and responded to some of the comments and thank those kind enough to respond to Mr Micawber.

Then, in a moment of curiosity (one officer wrote on my personal file, that one day it might get me in trouble) I keyed "Green Arrow" AND BNP into the google search engine. You can see the results here. Like I said the internet is big.

It was all there. The Good, the Bad and the plain old Ugly. So my vanity(no false modesty with this guy) compelled me to visit some of the links and read some of the more cruel, but, I assure you, untrue pieces written by the opponents of freedom about the Green Arrow and the BNP.

And the one thing the majority of these anti-British sites have in common is their pathetic No Platform for the BNP policy, essentially No Freedom of Speech. Unless of course they wish to launch an attack on you and then your comment is permitted to survive as the launchpad. Take a look at this comment I posted and the well thought out responses.

The Green Arrow said...

I like you. Stupid but funny.

Labour lies and takes us into an illegal war (again), responsible for the deaths of british servicemen and hundreds of thousands of civilians.

And you talk about the BNP being liars. Like I said. Your stupid but funny.

Any comments on the murder by asian racists of BNP activist Keith Brown. No. Nothing in the newspapers either.

08 August, 2007 13:02

And the responses really put me back in my box and answered my question.

Anonymous said...

fuck off green arrow and take your fascist bile with you.

Anonymous said...

no platform for scum,chris

Well sadly, I did not have the intellect to handle those responses. Feel free to visit the original post here.

The truth is, I comment on so many sites and rarely ever return to see if there are responses as there are more important things to do then get involved in a circular slagging match on some red blog. The comments are dropped in the hope of fence sitters picking up on my link and visiting a site that will point them to the truth.

Then there are the sites that accuse me of cowardice for not revealing my identity. These sites are usually run by former SWP and members of the old ANAL gang who are now Labour Councillors and even M.P.'s. All they need is for good men to do nothing.

I also, often wonder what happened to the gang that attacked an old National Party member and myself back in the late 70's when we were out selling probably the first editions of Britain First outside Newport Railway Station. They got more then they bargained for but the small scar on my face reminds me of them now and again.

The truth is that in the early days, I did post my name and address but thought it prudent to become semi-anonymous after receiving a few death threats. Not because of fears for my safety but for the safety of those I care about.

Another thing that remains in my memory of that particular scuffle, was the comment of an elderly woman passing by. I had just grabbed the foot of a large thug who had launched a kick at my groin, I held the foot firm and quickly side kicked his other leg from under him causing him to fall into the street. The comment was "Why don't you people keep your gutter politics out of the streets". Sometimes it is hard to be a member of the resistance.

So there you go. And what should I do now? It is 0600, the time I usually rise. Bed to dream of a Camelot I hope to see before I really am put in my box or start digging for dirt on Keith Vaz? Decision time for me and also you. Do you support Our Country by joining the BNP or do you continue to sit on the fence? Your call.

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Celtic Morning said...

Ga. If you want to increase circulation, Sun-wise, get some girls with a bit of meat on their skinny frames, not those lettuce leaf eaters. You dont have to go as far as the flabby burkha wearing muslimas of course, that would be counter productive.