Sunday, 1 July 2007

What is Keith Vaz up to now?

Keith Vaz - Serving the True Brit Community

What is that sleaze bucket Vaz up to now. By all accounts he has been having meetings with representatives of proscribed terrorist organizations in government offices at Portcullis House.

Why is he trying to get the ban on the the political wing of the Tamil Tigers, some of the most vicious murderers in the sub human world, lifted in Our Country. What is in it for Vaz.

Well the Tamils may be vicious but it seems that their savagery is only matched by their stupidity. Vaz is known as one of the most oily, shady characters in British politics. If they think Vaz is a respected Statesman they should be trying to steal Cloud Cuckoo land and leave the people of Sri Lanka to live in peace.

Perhaps Vaz should listen to their Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama

“the ability of the LTTE to raise funds overseas helps to sustain its ability to carry out violent acts and reduces the incentive to move away from the path of violence”, that “LTTE fundraising activity in the United Kingdom encourages war, not peace”, and that he had recently met British security authorities “to discuss how we [the U.K.] could counter the bullying, threats and acts of fraud that are used regularly to extract money from the Tamil population and others in the country”.

Go on Vaz - encourage more killers to our shores. So long as you get your brown envelope you do not give a fig for how many True Brits die.

Only the British National Party knows how to deal with corrupt political vampires that betrays the Country that as given them homes. Support the BNP and help show Vaz the door.

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Celtic Morning said...

Keith Vaz meets Captain Pugwash ! Dont it make you Sikh !