Thursday, 12 July 2007

Blackburn Mosque

Who needs women when we have each other - Moslems in Blackburn

There are some great Nationalist blogs out there and their readership increases daily. Every day you will find news not reported in the globalist controlled main stream media (MSM).

And just like dripping water will wear away the hardest rocks, so do, do these blogs eventually break down the barriers into the minds of some of our fellow True Brits and make them aware to the dangerous future we face.

There is an excellent article over on Drake's Drum about Blackburn Mosque that you simply must read now. The many images that he has posted to support his article say it all. Excellent stuff.

Your back? Yes, I also thought it was a gay pride march at first until I saw the blood. Is this happening in England? You know it is.

Well done Drake's Drum. Keep beating away for England's sake.

Some of the men and women of the British National Party have been ringing the alarm bells for years about our desperate situation and woken many. Myself included. If you have swallowed the bitter red pill then you know what you must do. The BNP really needs you. Don't let them, your family and your country down.


Anonymous said...

Nutters, GA, total nutters.

This is what these nutters want us to be like? Nutters, total nutters!



Celtic Morning said...

I boil with rage when I see such sights on British streets . Thank you for showing these scenes for I have never seen them on our television or in our newspapers . I thought this only took place in such places as Saudi Arabia or Pakimadistan . Didnt realise we had allowed ourselves to be so completely outwitted and outmanouvered by such religious idiots.

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