Monday, 23 July 2007

Banned Wales Election Broadcast for the BNP

The following is the Election radio broadcast made by Nick Griffin, the Leader of the British National Party for the Welsh Assembly elections in May. It was banned by the Blatantly Biased Cooperation because of its justified attack on the Blue Clown, Richard Brunstrom.

Make a cup of tea or coffee and then click play and listen to an excellent speech. Afterwards click here and follow the link to sign the petition calling for the Blue Clowns dismissal.

Despite all their efforts to prevent them the British National Party will find a way to get the truth out to our fellow citizens about how Our People are being sacrificed on the alter of multiculturalism. Only by supporting and joining the BNP can we safeguard the future for Our Children.


LionHeart said...

Green Arrow:

Mr Smith is a very good friend of mine so i know exactly what went down because i watched it with my own eyes.

On your blog you are destrying my friends credibility and character by promoting your side of the Solidarity story which is not your side it is the corrupt Pat Harringtons side.

I placed up the truth which is the other side of the story you are promoting and you deleted it.

You are supporting an illegal Union and you deleted my comment which showed the truth.

There is no moving beyond this point unless you apologise to my friend and put up the other side to the official Pat Harrington BNP endorsed propoganda.

The Union was illegaly taken over by Pat Harrington and certian factions within the BNP, so choose the line you want to take.

God bless


Anonymous said...

Mr Brunstrom was allegedly known as the "Welsh hating policeman" to his coleagues, according to one officer who served with him during his younger days in Sussex. Could explain why he has made a mockery of policing the streets of North Wales and turned the motorist into a public enemy while championing the cause of drug users. I believe there is a hypodermic needle dispenser outside the North Wales police headquarters in Colwyn Bay!! Bonkers.

johnofgwent said...

> Mr Brunstrom was allegedly known
> as the "Welsh hating policeman"
> to his coleagues

That may have been the case but is sure as hell isn't now.

If you don't speak welsh you don't get a job as a policeman in his fiefdom. An act that gained him a gorsedd gong from the cottage burners convention.

LionHeart said...

As you say Green Arrow, one last thing though is that it is not over because what i hear is that the police are now involved with this because it is a criminal matter now.


Anonymous said...

Just come to North Wales from Gwent and you will see his hatred, and a gong from the likes of the "elected representatives" is no recomendation. And as for the notion that this man wont allow anyone but a Welsh speaker into his force, that doesnt sit well with his recruitment of Poles does it, unless they are Welsh speaking Poles that is?. Anyway it IS Wales after all, so perhaps Welsh should be a language spoken by potential recruits? or would you prefer Urdu... , if you English had been a bit more complaining when your own country was taken over and policed by every shade of immigrant, then you wouldnt have to be escaping to Wales and Scotland en masse.

Anonymous said...

Re above, sorry but in a couple of your posts I have detected anti-Welsh feeling, so why do you choose to live there?..the English are to blame for the mess their country is in, by constantly attacking those who are similar to them, while kissing the arse of every opportunist who landed with the intention of taking away your lands, and never uttering a word in complaint. No I am not a cottage burner, but when I listen to the typical English pastime of running down the Celts while celebrating their own country's downfall through "diversity", it needs to be said!. United we stand?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, though I live in England and have always done so I could never be 'anti-Welsh' because a great-grandparent of mine was Welsh. You're right that too many people in England seemingly don't feel much for other Britons and they should quit this and concentrate on the real issue of mass immigration. I would hope more people in Wales wouldn't be conned by Plaid Islam/Plaid Polski and in Scotland by the neo-Marxist PC goons of the SNP as when these parties do well in elections people in England think they are hated. I wish people in Wales and Scotland voted for the true nationalists of the BNP instead as that is the only party that will prevent Wales and Scotland becoming Third World/Eastern European dumps.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above post, because I for one would not even dream of voting for Plaid Islam as they are now known, I was in school with one of their top men and a lower specimen you would be hard pushed to find!. But the point I am trying to make is that be making these veiled comments about the Welsh just further breaks up our unity- remember not all Welsh people or Scots vote Plaid Islam or SNP, in fact a majority dont, and that majority might just be dropping in to a BNP supporting website and reading comments about cottage burning. The Welsh and Scots have fought the English for many years, white blood being spilt for what were important issues in their day, but those days are long gone, today our enemy is the same, our goal a common one. Lets get our house in order please.