Friday, 20 July 2007

Response to the Mega Mosque Petition

The Mega Mosque with no planning permission - yet

Read the following vomit inducing bile that will have been received by 277,041 people who signed the Petition started by our own English Rose to abolish plans to build a Mega Mosque.

The e–petition asking the Prime Minister to ‘Abolish plans to build a £100 million mega Mosque’ has closed. This response from the Government was issued in advance of the closing date.

Under planning legislation, local planning authorities are responsible for the day to day control of development in their area. In doing so they are required to take into account all material considerations including the views of interested persons and particularly local communities.

With respect to the proposal associated with a site near the Olympic development in Newham, we understand from Newham Council that there is no current planning permission or application for a mosque and Newham Council do not expect a planning application in the near future.

The Government believes that where controversial issues such as this arise, all involved should ensure that discussions are conducted in a manner that respects the views of all sections of our communities and in a way that does not raise tensions in local areas.

Update: Mayor Ken Livingstone addresses some of the issues regarding this petition:

No attempt to address the concerns of over a quarter of a million people. No denial. And what are we to make of the statement "in the near future". How near is near? A day? A week? A month? Do they think we will forget this? Well no. They just do not care. All they hear are voices of the other lunatics they associate with in their luxury Ivory Tower.

You can check out the plans for the Mega Mosque here.

They then add insult to injury with an attempt to push their candidate, Red Ken the Lizard Man for re-election in the coming race for Mayor of Londonistan. Visit his site but have a sick bag ready. I also noticed that this reply on their site as changed from an earlier one which was even more insulting to our intelligence. I should have taken a screen image. Sorry.

If you want a government that will listen then let us hope that by now you are a member of the British National Party. It would be nice to think that you have already done a leaflet drop with your new comrades in the BNP.

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Dr C. Riyal Kilah said...

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,
The British Kuffar media are reporting the disruption of another bomb plot by Islamic terrorists. (Don't these infidels realise that Gordon Brown (pbuh) has forbidden the use of the term 'Islamic terrorists' and instead we should be referred to as 'non-Buddhist activists'? )

However, do not fear, sooner or later one of these plots will produce a successful result and incinerate the dancing slags and many other equally obnoxious Kuffars.

I know it's true that we Muslims are not the sharpest tools in the shed, and that some of our brothers have brains the size of Ayesha's clit, but what do you expect after fifty generations of cousin-marriage? Nevertheless, what we lack in quality we make up for in quantity. There are so many of us involved in such a vast number of plots that some are sure to work sooner or later, on the same principle that if you sit a hundred monkeys down at typewriters one is sure eventually to write The Koran.

Always remember the definition of a 'Moderate Muslim' - one who is involved in fewer than five bomb plots at any one time.

Brothers and sisters - our day will come!

- Dr C. Riyal Kilah
Ethics Committee
Muslim Medical Malpractitioners Association