Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Dozens killed as troops storm Red Mosque

The Red Mosque

Some bloggers have been banging on about the Red Mosque for quiet awhile now with regards to the terrorist behaviour of its members in Pakistan. You can read the previous posts about the actions of this citadel of terror here, here and here.

Finally, the occupants of the Red Mosque have forced the Pakistan Government to take action and the end result, as in anything to do with Islam has left scores dead. There will be many more deaths to follow.

If anyone thinks that the occupation of the Mosque and the deaths of their supporters is an end to the matter they are sadly wrong. The Cult of The Dead Paedophile, thrives on blood and death.

Pakistan is almost finished as supposedly being a secular country and is heading towards civil war. When finally the Sunni Moslems gain control, the West can really watch out. Remember that Pakistan has the bomb. And boy do we know they would use it. I pointed out a forum once where the discussion was how best to use a dirty nuclear weapon against us.

So we should be concerned, very concerned. Over 40% of the Moslems in Our Country are Sunni Moslems from Pakistan and they have brought their madness here with them. Check out the chart to read about how many of Our Guests support the actions of these imported murderers. View the chart here. Click it for a larger image.

It might be too late to avoid serious bloodshed in Our Country. We could already be very close to our own Balkan style civil war but if we are to avoid actions like storming mosques in Bradford and Birmingham we need the British National Party to form a government. To do that the BNP must win at the ballot box. To do that they need you to vote, support and join them.

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najistani said...

EU directive to Gordon Brownnose


Muslim terrorists are to be described as 'Non-Buddhist activists'

Car bombs are 'Traffic incidents'

Anthrax is '48 hour flu'

Ricin is 'Bean sauce'

Dhimmitude is 'Interfaith dialogue'

Dirty bomb radiation is 'Magic moonbeams'

Muslim criminality is 'Cultural enrichment'

Pedophile rings are 'Koranic study groups'

Grooming is 'Youth outreach'

Kebab takeaways are 'Protein recycling facilities'

Planes crashing into buildings are 'Air traffic control errors'

Al Quada policemen are 'Community liaison officers'

Muslim medical malpractice is 'Patient mortality rate variability'