Monday, 30 July 2007

What the Fire Brigade wants to stop

Well if you watched that clip from last years Red White and Blue you can understand why the Red Brigade want it banned. It must make them sick to see white families having a great time without being smashed out their minds on drugs and listening to anti-white rap music.

Well it is not too late to get your tickets from the BNP home site. Those who are going, have a great time and post plenty of images for us peasants in the sticks.

The British National Party or should it be renamed the British National Family Party?

Hat Tip: Runnymede Resistance

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Anonymous said...

This will be the same union that victimised the Glasgow firemen for refusing to hand out leaflets at a Gay Pride parade because trannys were pawing them and trying to hump their legs?
I seem to remember it was only the BNP who supported THEM in Glasgow while all other parties were mumbling about "diversity" training and re-education of the men.
I dont believe your average fioreman has anything but respect for the BNP, they are the guys who had to hose the road at the London bombings on 7/7, they saw the handiwork of the real enemy.