Friday, 20 July 2007

Sedgefield Results

OK Guys. Keep Going.

Well there we go. We are still not getting through to enough people. Even while I type Andrew Spence is speaking after obtaining 2494 votes. The Tri-Axis parties have given the illusion of democracy again and the sheep people have done as they have done for decades. Voted without thought for their children's future.

But we take heart from the fact that we took 4th place with a saved deposit and 8.9% of the vote in a Constituency with a 95% white population who are still sleeping and voting the way their fathers did before them. Of course reality as not yet arrived on their doorstep. One day they will curse themselves that they did not vote BNP yesterday.

  • SEDGEFIELD 19/7/07
  • Gash (Eng Dem) 177 0.6%
  • Gittins (Ind) 1885 6.7%
  • Grainger (Christ) 177 0.6%
  • Haine (Green) 348 1.2%
  • Hope (Loony) 147 0.5%
  • Horton (UKIP) 536 1.9%
  • Robb (Con) 4082 14.6%
  • Scarth (Anti Crime) 34 0.1%
  • Spence (BNP) 2494 8.9%
  • Stone (LD) 5572 19.9%
  • Wilson (Lab) 12528 44.8%

Where to from here? Where the British National Party always goes. On to the next battle with more members, activists and supporters and a National Campaign Team that is really starting to get its professional act together. Well done Andrew and all the activists. Next time. Next time.

Whilst here. We must not forget the Swansea activists whose hardworking efforts were overshadowed by the events in Sedgefield.

The results for Llansamlet(Swansea) Council by-elections were
  • Labour 769 36.9%
  • Lib Dem 581 27.9%
  • Plaid Cymru 283 13.6%
  • BNP 226 10.8%
  • Ind 221 10.6%
Well done Swansea.


johnofgwent said...

You've got them worried though.

Pity I can't find any details of the %age of voters turning out.

In a considerable setback for David Cameron, the Conservatives slipped into third place behind the Liberal Democrats, whose candidate Greg Stone polled 5,572 votes, more a thousand more than the 4,082 recorded by Tory Graham Rob.

The voting reverses the result in the 2005 general election, when the Tories polled 1,000 votes more than the Liberal Democrats. This time they were boosted to an extent by the absence of the anti-war candidate Reg Keys from the ballot paper, who polled more than 4,000 votes two years ago.

Sedgefield has been Labour for more than 70 years and opposition parties had written off chances of making serious inroads into Labour's thumping majority. Mr Wilson, who won 45 per cent of the vote (down 14 per cent from 2005), said last night .....
(who gives a shit what he has to say)

In a development that will be seen as ominous by many politicians meanwhile, the British National Party won 2,494 votes having not previously fielded a candidate. At the 2005 election its bedfellows, the National Front, polled only 253 votes.

So it's not easy to work this out.

Labaah's share of the vote fell away presumably because they've got an 'ordinary' MP now. But the Tories and LD's have simply shifted places and the margin between LD and Tory is about that between Tory and BNP.

Where are the anti-war votes that fuelled the guy whose kid was killed in iraq when TB last stood here ?

Celtic Morning said...

John of Gwent , exactly.Where did the Reg Keys votes go? I should have thought they were stonewall bankers for the BNP.Funny old people ,the British.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I just dont believe it. In my line of work I meet a large cross section of the population, across many diferent areas of the country, and the one thing that hits home to me is the common distrust of the tri-axi parties by virtually everyone who has an opinion, and thats most these days!. So either everyone decides on polling day to go against their better judgement and stick with what they know, however much they profess prior to that day how much they hate establishment politics, or there is foul play at work, which come on, as adults in a streetwise country, we cant dismiss out of hand. Something is very wrong about the whole electoral process, or at least is when the BNP are in town and threatening the status quo.

dizzyfatplonka said...

Thing is Green if they can make good progress in towns whos issues are not immigration, it helps disprove the notion of the BNP being a one track party.

The slugging here will get many varied issues into the limelight that can prove the BNP is the better at addressing!

Helena said...

Almost 2,500 people DID vote BNP, thats a lot of troops however you look at it.?
I share the previous posters scepticism about dirty work afoot as well. Slow and steady is better than a busted flush. Support grows daily, be patient, we have plenty of time.

Ayatollah Khomeini said...

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