Tuesday, 31 July 2007

A Terrorist or just a frightened man

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So the big terrorist trial is over. And as some of us expected, it was nothing more than a storm in a teacup. Except of course for Robert Cottage who has admitted guilt to possessing explosives.

But what were these explosives, nothing more than household items and a few chemicals that might have been used to make a bomb. The key words are might have.

No one in their right mind condones terrorism in any shape or form. Whether it is living in fear of your life and then losing it by a stab to the back or losing your job and your home because of your political beliefs and because of a country brought to its knees by its political Dhimmi masters.

Robert Cottage was a man who was in fear of fear. He was not blind to what is happening to Our Country. He could see the way things were going and being in terror of terror he may well have overreacted whilst his mind was disturbed. He could not handle the truth and his mind snapped. He needs help not punishment.

He admitted that he had a fear of civil war erupting in His Country that he cared about. Which one of us Nationalist does not also fear that event coming about? Some of us, myself included, truly believes that a civil war to rival that of Kosovo is on the cards unless we can avoid it by helping the British National Party form a government.

I find him guilty of loving his country. I find him guilty of being afraid. I find him guilty of being betrayed by the politicians. I find him innocent of being a terrorist.


Felicity said...

Great post GA and so true.
Shortly after the twin towers came down a mum in her thirties clasped her retarded son (13) around the waist and leapt to their deaths from a bridge.I cant remember her name but she was "terrified". The alien culture which brought the twin towers down was mopping up the aid from social services in translators and social care. She feared they would take over that she as a single mum would be killed and her son would be left alone and unprotected.
It affected the balance of her poor mind. Though I dont remember her name I often think of HER, the person.
Who among us doesn't make sure there isn't one sharp knife in the drawer in case one Friday after mosque the call to the Intifada goes out, as it surely will.
Our Government or the police wont protect us, they favour immigrants.
How many good people have we seen pay the price for a remark not deemed PC?
A decorated war hero mentioned in Dispatches is demoted by that traitor Cameron for saying black soldiers often play the race card.
A respected Nursing Officer who quips about someone "being a nigger in a woodpile" is forced to resign and issue grovelling apologies.
The police are forced to work alongside Al Quada sympathisers and pretend they are equal colleagues.
I'm surprised there aren't more Roberty Cottages, terrorised by the evil Lib/Lab/con conspirators and their friends in the most evil cult on earth.

dizzyfatplonka said...

Caption [When the storm cleared the tea leaves told a different tale] :-D

BFB said...

Like it, Dizz...(-;

Felicity: "Our Government or the police wont protect us, they favour immigrants."

Actually, I think they fear immigrants. I live in Lambeth and I've noticed that most lefty types who speak up for immigration, multiculturalism etc, do so out of fear of opposing it. Get them on their own and you'll be surprised how easily most can be made to see sense.

Brilliant post GA, so true!

Anonymous said...

As soon as some brave rock star or premiership footballer openly supports the BNP watch the support come out into the sun. Its the fear being the only one out of step.

Anonymous said...

I agree anon. I've heard nothing but support for the BNP even from dyed in the wool Liberals who now see the result of their lax one worlder policies.
You cant get all holy and say all men are equal and turn a blind eye to these frothing maniacs in our midst.
How long can they keep up the excuse of "culture" when bearded and burqha'd freaks openly flaunt their savage faith?
Not long.