Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Grays Lane Family Support Centre petition

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You may recall reading how some truly selfish people objected to the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) request for planning consent to adapt their six bedroom property in Grays Lane. SSAFA wishes to convert the property in the the Mole Valley to a recuperation home for our injured servicemen. Some residents object on the grounds that they were worried about their personal l security should our injured servicemen be attacked whilst recovering or the value of their property.

With our military hospitals closed, thank God for organizations like SSAFA who for 60 years have supported servicemen whose injuries require more dedicated care than NHS hospitals can offer.

You can read the details here. Once you do, please then go and sign the growing petition for the planning permission to go ahead here. The Petition page also provides the following information.

The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association, Mole Valley Council for change of use to the property at 36 Grays Lane, Ashtead.

The development is close to Headley court, a military rehabilitation centre used to treat personnel who may have lost limbs or suffered severe trauma serving their country. Many of these armed forces personnel spend months rebuilding their lives at Headley Court and need the support of their families whilst going through this difficult process.

The proposed development is to provide short term accommodation to the families, giving them the opportunity to support their injured relatives. The plan also includes some alterations at the property, including installing a wheelchair ramp.

The property is situated within an area of high value properties, and unfortunately there is a very negative response from the neighbours mostly objecting that the change of use will negatively affect their property prices and spoil the neighborhood

A British National Party Government would ensure that no more of our troops would die or be wounded in illegal foreign wars. You could also rest assured that under the BNP any and all wounded servicemen would receive the finest care money could buy.


Felicity said...

A sign of the times though isn't it when a wheelchair ramp for a war hero knocks thousands off property?
I dont understand the logic of the thinking, trail clematis up the rails of the thing if appearances are so important.
Nursing homes and re-cuperation homes were always set in nice quiet areas precisely because people ill or traunitised require peace and quiet, nourishing food and hopefully a nice view to soothe the mind.
To grudge that to a soldier newly back from Hell on earth takes a special kind of prat.
The fact that the area houses such undesireables as these residents should be enough to devalue property.

The Green Arrow said...

Felicity. We must encourage our youth to take up the activities you suggested and they should certainly be discouraged from joining the army until we stop going into illegal wars. Blair must one day stand trial for this crime.

Anonymous said...

I would love to find out who is objecting, they must be the most crass arseholes going. While some young squaddie is recovering from horrendous injuries miles from home they want to deny him the chance to have loving family around. This country has gone sick, and does not deserve to brave servicemen and woman we have. The ones moaning must be no better that dirty anti British Muslim appeasing scum.


Anonymous said...

Give them a choice. This or an asylum seekers hostel!

I'd rather see our boys looked after any day.

najistani said...

Maybe 'Mole Valley' should be renamed 'Rats' Sewer'.

If you check their website ( http://www.molevalley.gov.uk/index.cfm?articleid=4256 ) you'll see these rodents are paranoid about terrorism, which probably explains their fear that any bomb attack on the injured soldiers might adversely affect their property.

I wonder what sort of vermin inhabits Ashstead? Marxist sociology professors? BBC executives? Grauniad journalists? The literati sneering classes? Saudi second home owners? Muslim doctors?

Well maybe not Muslims. I suppose Muzzies would welcome injured British soldiers into their neighborhood because it would give them a chance to finish the job off and get into Allah's Brothel in the Sky.

I sometimes wonder is this the country my father and grandfather fought for?

These Ashstead Mole Valley scumbags ought to be rounded up and sent on mine-clearance duties in Afghanistan.

Celtic Morning said...

Is it any longer possible for any thinking person really to be proud of Britain?Its no good living in the past,kidding ourselves,yearning nostalgically for what used to be.Look about and see what we have made of this once proud land.This issue in Surrey is just one small example of what our people have become.Many of our younger (and not-so-young)generation are not,as they say these days "fit for purpose" and have descended into an ill disciplined,under educated,drunken,drugged,lazy,cowardly,sexual disease infected,morally corrupt scum incapable of seeing the dangers we face and incapable of defending their homeland when the time comes.It all happened slowly over the past few decades but accelerated very quickly under Blair and his socialists.Blair put the interests of everyone above those of his fellow countrymen,put the welfare of criminals above that of their victims,reduced our country to the worlds laughing stock,to be mocked and intimidated by the likes of Iran and Syria,sent our troops to die in unwinnable wars,encouraged and assisted the decline of much of our our youth into an incoherent animal like form and mired us into a level of debt which could eventually break us.And when he at last stood down he was given a standing ovation by his corrupt fellow parlamentarians !!There are countless millions of our fellow countryman lying in graves in this land and other lands all over the world who cannot be resting in peace for what we have become.We have betrayed all the suffering and sacrifice which they endured hoping that we would profit from their example.We used to have a proud working class, a spine running through the country.Where is it now? Turned to dust.We used to have practical women,of courage and character,sensible,indomitable,home makers,proud mothers to their children and ambitious for them,the backbone of families.Where are they now? All too rare.The "welfare state has much to be proud of and just as much to answer for in bringing us to a dependent shadow of what we once were.Is it too late to turn it all about? Perhaps not,but it very soon will be.I'm not proud to be British at the moment.I'm ashamed.Only one party has policies which could start to rebuild us into what we were,or rather,what we should be,but will our marshmallow soft society ever have the courage to elect it?