Thursday, 19 July 2007

Today is the day. The Sedgefile by-election

What is factually wrong with this advert?

Well early tomorrow morning we will find out whether the attempts by all the hardworking and yes, brave activists of the British National Party have had any impact on our attempts to waken our fellow True Brits to the danger they are in.

All us cyberspace warriors can shoot our mouths of us much as we like in the forums, blogs and comments in online newspapers. And whilst this is reaching many of the people, at the end of the day it is the PBI, the poor bloody infantry who have to do the real hard work of pounding the streets and knocking on doors and talking to the people and alert them to their danger. They are the real heroes of our battle for Britain and I for one salute them.

So tomorrow we will see. Will the actions taken by the establishment in stopping the publication of legal, honest adverts like the one shown above have any effect on the voters we must win over? Or will our ground troops break through the barriers and get the truth through to the truth starved people?

One thing is for sure. The fight by the British National Party to win back Our Country will never end until we have reclaimed the future for our children or die in the attempt. The breakthrough when it comes will be as fast as the final days of the Berlin Wall and the end of the evil Soviet Union. Tri-Axis public trough feeders will be begging to be allowed to switch the BNP. Such is their true nature. Self interest.


Anti-gag said...

What price democracy when the editors of local newspapers decide what we are allowed to read!

Anonymous said...

You know, and I know, that nothing in Mr Bliar and Brooon's country can be taken for granted, especially honesty in electoral matters. If the BNP got 99.9% of the vote, the scamsters and fraudsters that allegedly represent us would find some way of swindling the results. The day of the election as a way of openly choosing your leaders are way gone, left behind in another era. Time to find another way...perhaps this is why our army is constantly overseas these days?