Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Serbs vow never to relinquish Kosovo

Serbia, you remember was shamelessly bombed into submission by us in order to breakup the Nationalist Countries in the Balkans as a precursor to creating Eurabia. The lie was fed to our public that this was to prevent genocide. Genocide of who? Not the Moslems who were busy killing Christians, burning Churches and steal the land from the rightful owners.

Kosovo is an example of what happens when the Moslems colonisation of a country becomes almost complete. When Moslem immigrants into that troubled state rose above the magic 10% their demands went from peaceful to violent with attacks on the Christian population and Churches. Eventually their numbers reached 40% and civil war broke out.

In a breathtaking act of betrayal we bombed an old ally, Serbia into submission by killing thousands of their civilians bringing shame on our air force and our Country. And the reasons why?

(1) Connecting NATO West with NATO East (Turkey)

(2) Projecting the Islamic influence into the soft underbelly of Christian Europe via Turkey.

Now the Moslems have almost completed the takeover of Kosovo, the sacred ground of the Serb nation. Moslems now make up 90% of the population. Learn a lesson.

What will we do when large areas of Great Britain, where Moslems have completed colonisation demand to leave the Union and have full independence?

Will we fight as the Serbs have promised to do if their province is stolen from them and will we again bomb them into the dark ages of Islam in the creation of Eurabia?

Good Luck to the heroic Serbian people and their resistance to Global Marxism and the NWO. You might like to visit the Serbian support blog Victory or Death for more articles on the truth about Kosovo and Serbia.

A British National Party government would have stayed out of other countries internal affairs. One day hopefully, the BNP will be able to make amends for the shameful use our corrupt Tri-Axis politicians made of our air force.

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