Friday, 6 July 2007

The White Flight of the Red Squirrel

The result of unchecked Grey Squirrel immigration

I know it sounds like the start of a bad joke but I am afraid it is not, although some of you will give a cynical smile I am sure.

I was watching a television programme the other day about these people who were trying, successfully to reintroduce the Red Squirrel back into a part of Wales that the little red things had been driven out from by the arrival of Grey Squirrels from overseas. I do not think there is any need to go into how the Grey Squirrels arrived in Our Country, it is enough to know that some well meaning people thought it would be a good idea without thinking things through. Sound familiar?

Yes, I know you can see where I am going, but you will find it interesting I assure you. It seems that the DNA tests on these Red Squirrels that had been bred in captivity from survivors of the equivalent of the Red Squirrel Holocaust showed that they were in fact the true indigenous squirrel of that area and that is why they were being reintroduced there instead of elsewhere in the British Isles.

Not it gets really good. When the interviewer asked the "expert" about their chances of survival once released into the now Gray Squirrel controlled wild, the expert replied that that was no problem, as they were carrying out a cull of the Grey Squirrel as they were not the rightful inhabitants of this particular piece of woodland. Asked why captured Grey Squirrels were not transported elsewhere, the expert pointed out that Grey Squirrels carried all sorts of nasty diseases that the Red Squirrel did not and therefore had to die for two reasons.

Now I am certainly not saying that immigrants whether diseased or not, should be culled, although the former Christian owners of Kosovo might disagree. But I do find it interesting, that people can relate to the Red Squirrel and try to save it but still cannot see the dangers of multiculturalism to Our Country. Click on the chart for a larger image of what unchecked immigration does in a Red Squirrel World where once all the map was red.

Well the BNP would certainly help recover the woods and countryside for the Red Squirrel. I suspect they would also do a little bit more to recover the Country for the True Brits. Join the British National Party and help save an endangered species. You.


Anonymous said...

Brill post again Green you are becoming quite a star on the writing front, I would just shoot the little grey bastards, before they try and set fire to the little reds homes
I heard the little grey doctors are bastards


The Green Arrow said...

Actually Tommy Atkins, I much admire your style but listen you gotta stop making me laugh. Damn, I just read that again and started laughing and my girl said, I thought you were supposed to be studying.