Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Stop the BNP using the Union Jack

Our Flag - On the Top of the World

That piece of garbage of dubious sexual orientation, Matthew Paris has called for the British National Party to be banned from using the Union Jack.

In a conversation with that other piece of human debris, Billy Braggard on Radio two today, they were discussing the meaning of the Union Jack to the British People.

Neither of these creatures had the slightest idea of what Our Flag means to the True Brits. All they could seem to concentrate on was who could best slander the BNP and come up with the best idea for stopping it being used by the only truly patriot party of Great Britain.

The Blatantly Biased corporation had no representative from the BNP to speak in defence of the only honest political party in the United Kingdom today.

Insult after insult, insulted the listeners about there being no True Brit and expressing doubts that most people did not have a clue as to what being British meant.

I hope other listeners had the time to listen to the whole programme but sadly I had to leave before listeners started posting their comments in.

I think a future British National Party government would know what to do with this taxpayer funded, racist organisation and the people who destroyed it from within.


Anonymous said...

I was listening this, I have radio2 on everyday at work.
On the upside though at one of my collection stops a kind fella made me a brew in an England cup, when I told him Gordon had abolished England he was fuming and I left the place with him and his work colleagues all shouting BNP FROM NOW ON ME!!!

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Well done Dizzy I heard a bout 20 minutes of the sickening show in my Uncles car.
I was actually thinking good on Gordon for wanting the Union Flag flying everywhere, that would piss the mozzies off, then when brag was coming out with the Far Right, Fascist Garbage, and the St George flag used by football Hooligan shite I had to turn off. England like the Scots and Welsh are proud of our flags and the Union Jack, but to have feckless Uaf BRaGGARd trying to dictate who should be allowed to fly it or use it. I have like Green done our time in the services to be allowed to fly the Union Jack wherever and whenever we want. Just because BRAGGG thinks he has some moral high ground because he married a Ethnic, what has he done for Britain


Anonymous said...

I knew a certain Mr Bragg as a teenager and student in his twenties, his prolific and often unusual acts of homosexuality was well known then amongst his peers and victims. He does fit in well with the UAF lot though doesnt he?

Highest Infidelity said...

They want to take away your freedom of speech so you'll be silent as they taking over your country.

(I'm trying not to swear as I'm reading the UK blogs -- it's been a while and I'm getting caught up on the news.)

Anonymous said...

Some immigrants make a positive contribution and some are so negative that in retrospect they should never have been let in.

Despite all the continued PR in the form of IslamExpos, Islamic Awareness Weeks and other taqiyya-Fests; Islam, its culture and its followers are worthless and useless – AND THEY KNOW IT!

Here’s a comment by ‘Waltz’ at al-Grauniad, of all places, which shows why all cultures are equal only in the minds of moonbats, not in the opinions of the general public.

"...There are a lot of differences between Britain's "Muslim communities" and other ethnic minority communities. One glaringly obvious one is that Islamic culture produces nothing of interest to the majority non-Muslim population either in Britain or the wider world. While Chinese, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh Indian and other minority groups can take considerable pride in the admiration lavished upon their past and present cultural achievements - in the arts, cinema, the sciences, music etc - Muslim youths have scarcely anything to feel proud about. The problem of disaffection begins with the simple fact that Muslims come from a culture that has been largely barren for the past 500 years and which, in recent times, has won the world's attention only for its belligerence and violence. There's no answer to this; the problem is one of a fundamental cultural bankruptcy and humiliation that manifests in extremism wherever it encounters richer, more creative cultures - be they Western, Indian, Thai, or whatever. “ from

Muslims have nothing to contribute to their host societies but disruption, destruction, death and disaster. They simply do not belong in the modern world. A well balanced Muslim is one with a chip on both shoulders.

Q : ‘What’s the difference between Dar al-Islam and a pot of bio-yogurt?
A: A living culture.

Anonymous said...

You've hit the nail on the head anon. Muslims have nothing to be proud of, no great writers, poets or scientists. Everything they need is in that ridiculous hotch potch of other older religions they call the Qu'ran. Most of them cant understand it only the ranting and flag burning make sense to them. Its visual aids for very backward people proud of the fact they are very backward.
You should read the comments on and from angry spitting muslims with access to a keyboard, monkeys could make more sense.

Anonymous said...

Sorry OT a bit there, re the BNP being denied the Union Jack let Bragg get on with his opinions in the widest possible sense.
I guarantee the BNP's hotline was going like tills at Christmas with enquiries about membership from people still reeling over the RoP's failed carnage at Glasgow airport and Londons clubland.
He picked a bad week to piss off British people.