Sunday, 22 July 2007

Cuckoo, Cuckoo

Editorial Offices of the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, The Sun and The Mirror

The Tri-Axis parasite parties and their tools in the main stream media have become so obsessed with the British National Party that they are beginning to see BNP machinations every where.

The latest one is a supposed plan by the Leaders of the BNP and their families to flee to the Croatian town of Knin where they will take refuge when the collapse of civilisation takes place because of oil running out.

Now whether or not the BNP owns land in Croatia is irrelevant. If they do, you can bet your house that it is planned use is as a private, secure retreat away from the eyes of the lieing, prying press. A place where activists can be instructed, bond and sometimes relax. Not the nonsense the MSM would have you believe.

Descending into complete farce the cuckoo, James Doward, the author of the tripe attempts to smear the BNP by linking them to the Oklahoma bomber, Timothy McVeigh who harbored a suspicion that there was a plot to create a one world government. Then for good measure, the cuckoo Doward, throws David Copelands name into the article to try and further smear Nick Griffin and the BNP.

After decades of struggle, the British Nationalists are finally beginning to get the truth out to their fellow citizens. BNP activists are the most highly motivated activists in any party and will get the message through no matter what effort it takes.

That is the truth of the matter and so desperate now are the enemies of our people to halt us, that they will even resort to complete fantasy in the mud they throw.

Well go read it. Have a laugh. Meanwhile, I have to choose what to put in my scramble bag for when I receive the message to make my way to Rhoose Airport and take my seat aboard the luxury airliner, Leader One which will fly us of to Bolt Hole One.


Felicity said...

Beam me up too Scotty when the greatr big craft comes to take us to Croatia.
This lot are really scraping the barrel at the small steady success of an honest little party of weorking people.
Now imagine our success grows expotentially?
This time next year they'll have discovered our Secret Bubble Headquarters Under the Sea.....remember GA? The one where we train dolphins and other "white" fish to sing Rule Britannia?

The Green Arrow said...

Oh Felicity. Picture it. I see you as a young Felicity Kendall and myself as Tom.

I am not sure though you should be talking about our Secret Bubble. Nick might withdraw your invitation to the Good Life and then what would I do.

Anonymous said...

The machinations of the criminal loony left mind are certainly something to behold!!. Does this nonsense also include in its wisdom the many British citizens, of all political persuasions who have bolt holes abroad?..why do so many "whiteflighters" do just that?, is it possibly because although not agreeing with BNP policy, (or being aware of them) they are wise enough to acknowledge that the country is in dire straights, and the civil disorder and breakdown we are presently witnessing only a foretaste of whats to come?.