Sunday, 22 July 2007

The true cause of flooding

Noah's Ark - A good investment?

How good of the Brown Clown to offer help to the people who have lost their possessions and home because of flooding. I suppose though it is the least he can do. Because those who bother to do a little research know that the recent flooding as been exacerbated by the actions of his government and John Prescott in particular.

For years the government and council have ignored warnings about the danger of building on the flood plains. But blinded by their desire to turn Our Beautiful Country into one big housing estate providing homes for the colonisers, those warnings were ignored.

Back in 2000, a scientific group worked out the serious size of the risk.

“We presented a report to the then agricultural ministry warning that about 1.7m homes were at risk,” said Professor Paul Samuels, a leading hydrologist.

And things are going to get worse. Prescott's legacy are the plans for more building on the flood plains whilst at the same time cutting back on flood defences. Are they mad? Well yes they are. But not the insurance companies who being on the same planet as us, have said that they will not insure these homes. Can't say I blame them.

So there you have it. A fringe benefit of multiculturalism that you will pay for in higher insurance and loss of earnings whilst you sit on top of your house waiting for the water to subside.

The British National Party is the flood control you need. Preventing the flooding of our country by unwanted immigrants and preventing the flooding of your home by ensuring that new homes are not build in areas of danger.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the BNP have been visiting these afflicted people letting them know exactly who is to blame.
Many unfortunately will have to suffer the full brutality of this government and the traitors of the Conservatives before they wake up.

The Green Arrow said...

Good idea Anon.

I think we should let the water go down first though. I am not sure how many boats the BNP own.

Seriously though,you are right we should let the people know the truth.

Anonymous said...

As the son of a former waterways worker, I have absolutely no doubt that the reason for the recent flooding is lack of investment and maintenance of existing rivers and tributaries which were once worked on by gangs of men and kept clear of blockages and plantation. In a similar fashion to the lack of investement and safety maintenance on the railways which have led to fatal accidents- certainly since the days of mrs "T" the infrastructure of the country was allowed to collapse, blame it on the get rich quick policies that carried on with Bliar. Couple this with continual builing on land which locals consider to be flood plains, and we are now witnessing the result. I'm afraid that old monster, global warming is a very convenient excuse which has the benefit of covering up the last few governments failings as well as selling the environmental lie of carbon footprint nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I was going to cover this on my own blog but you've spared me the bother (!)

When I first came to Newport, from the top of Heather Road, from Christchurch Common, if you looked to the north, all you saw was ... fields. And when the rain fell, the fields got soggy ... until they dried out.

Today as I look out along the same view, all i see is ... houses. Wall To Wall Housing. All needed to help alleviate the crisis caused by millions of incoming migrants of all shapes sizes and nationalities.

And when the rain falls now ... it rolls over their concrete drives, and clogs up the gutters in their new roads. Until it can't reach the sea. And then we swim for it.