Thursday, 19 July 2007

What are the schools doing to our children?

Please teacher. I think the yellow wire goes to the right.

Bad and criminal enough is the fact that schools have promoted homosexuality to young children which is just plain sick and something all parents should campaign against.

But is a pity that Doc's Diary missed out this latest, malevolent bit of treachery to Our Country by the tax payer funded Ethnic Minority Development Association. Rest assured, no matter if almost the entire population of Great Britain was colored and just an handful of whites were left, the colored would still be the Minority demanding more of what the whites have left.

But now they seek to politicize our children starting at the age of seven with a survey entitled Race, Religion and Culture. This survey is 33 pages and over 100 questions for children to plough through. I wouldn't want to do it myself let alone see a 7 year old try to get to grips with foreign affairs.

What is a child to make of questions such as:

Who is a terrorist? Tony Blair, George Bush, A suicide bomber or Osama Bin Laden? They shouldn't even know who they are at that that age. For the record, my answer would be. All of them.

The majority of the questions are after opinions with regards to Moslems and their attitudes towards dress and the Daleks of Death outfit worn by some of the zombie people. You can read the full report here. A taster follows.

Dr Sohail Bhatti of EMDA said, "Everybody is telling the community that we are extremists however this survey may prove otherwise.

"It is wrong to ask people such questions? Should we continue to deny that there are differences in attitudes?

"Fear and prejudice exist when there is no information and actual facts. We feel this survey will provide those facts."

"What is important to point out is that ALL pupils fill in the survey and not just Muslim schoolkids." "The survey is entirely confidential. However it does ask for the postcode of the pupil."

When asked who had been consulted about the survey Dr Bhatti was adamant that it had been put out to a wide range of people and agencies.

"The survey has been ethically approved by a team of experts and has been studied by selected head teachers, members of the police and local authority officers

After the survey, there is a discussion on the questions asked. God help the white child who answers that he finds the veil offensive.

Can the parents of a child who does not give the politically approved answer expect a knock on the door from Social Services coming to take their child into care for not providing the child with the correct thought processes required in their mad multicultural world?

Only the British National Party will provide the teachers and school governors worthy of teaching Our Children. If you want a return to sanity you had better start thinking about joining the BNP. They cannot do it without you.


Anti-gag said...

Par for the course this these days

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

It should be down to the parent to say a resounding NO to any questionaires like this. It is time we spoke up for ourselves, took a leaf out of the "minorities" book, and showed that we too are entitled to our customs and culture, and protect our childrens "human righs". I think the majority of people have well woken up to the enemy in our midst, but as yet have not found the leader or the voice to represent them. God help the traitors when they do.